Who Is Macia Del Prete’s Girlfriend? Full Details

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Macia Del Prete can be described as an established choreographer. She made an appearance at the program Amicii as a guest. Her skills and expertise as a professional choreographer were acquired through formal education as well as nomadic lifestyle.

Macia Del Prete has a close relationship with the Apulian singer, Emma. Macia Del Prete worked on the video of the Apulian singer, Emma and it helped her to achieve great success on television. The choreographic skills of Macia Del Prete are said to always stand out. She began her dance training in Torre Annunziata.

Macia Del Prete had the opportunity to learn and focus on ballet, modern and hip hop. Macia Del Prete keeps her relationship and emotional life out of the public domain. She is quite active on social media as she posts photos of her work than that of her family.

Macia Del Prete worked as a dancer at prestigious institutions. Some of the institutions she worked at include The IALS in Rome, The Broadway Centre Studio in New York as well as the famous Elene Gravina Dance Studio in Torre Annunziata. Macia Del Prete loves to travel and meet other people.

Black Is the favorite color of Macia Del Prete and she wears black all the time. Her favorite musician is Billy Holiday. She can listen to Billy Holiday all day as she sees Billy Holiday as an extraordinary woman and a legendary musician. With the necessary opportunity, Macia Del Prete would love to have collaboration with BJORK. Macia Del Prete loves Tattoos.

Who Is Macia Del Prete’s Girlfriend?

She uses the account macia.delprete on Instagram. She has over 38K followers and describes herself as a movement designer art director and choreographer. Currently, there is no information as to who the girlfriend of Macia Del Prete is.

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