Is Florian Fitz Married? Full Details

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Florian Fitz can be described as a German theater and television actor. He was born on November 16, 1967, in Frankfurt am Main. Florian Fitz had training in acting between 1988 and 1990 at the Vienna Franz Schubert Conservatory.

He has worked on several theater stages such as at Freie Volksbühne Berlin and at the Deutsches Theater in Munich. From the mid-1980s, Florian Fitz has been involved in the making of feature films and it must be noted that in 1988, he was featured in The Bertinis (TV Series, Episode Cesar ).

He also featured in 1991: Strangers, Dear Strangers (TV Movie) and in 1992, he played a role in Mom at 16 (TV Movie).

Other films Florian Fitz has featured in also include 1992: Alpine boarding school , 1993: Kommissar Klefisch (TV series, episode Death by the Sea ), 1993: Happy Voyage – Iceland (TV series), 1994: Praxis Bülowbogen (TV series, episode Vollmond ), 1994: Black Intervenes (TV series, episode The Power of the Word ), 1995: Is Mausi Coming Out?! (TV Movie), 1995: The Commissioner (TV series, episode Familienfest ), 1995: The Bible – Moses (TV Movie), 1996: Always on duty- The emergency doctor (TV series, episode To life and death) as well as 1996: The King (TV Series, episode Slaughterhouse ).

In 1996, Florian Fitz was involved in Two of a Kind (TV Movie) and The Youngsters (TV Movie) and in 1997, the movies he featured in are 1997: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, 1997: Forsthaus Falkenau (TV series, episode Wie die Alten sungen), 1997: A Murder for Quandt (TV Series, episode The Child ), 1997: Ghostbusters John Sinclair: The Demon Wedding (TV Movie) and 1997: Einsatz Hamburg Süd (TV series, episode Operation Pin-Up).

Is Florian Fitz Married?

Florian Fitz stands at 5 feet 10 inches and in 2020, Florian Fitz was reported to have engaged his girlfriend Tatjana Thinius.

This is due to the fact that he wants to get married. Florian Fitz and Tatjana Thinius do not have any plans of having any children.

As a matter of fact, Florian Fitz has so many films to his credit. A list of some of the movies from 2015 till date are provided below;
2015: The Teacher (TV Series, episode Pull in and Cry )
2015: Inga Lindstrom – In Your Life
2015: Cruise to happiness – honeymoon in Turkey
2015: The Rosenheim Cops – The Death of the Count
2016: The Dream Ship – Cook Islands
2016: Rosamunde Pilcher – Argentine Tango
2016: SOKO Köln (TV series, episode The Only Way Out )
2016: The Specialists – In the Name of the Victims (crime series, episode Death of an Undead )
2016: Alarm for Cobra 11 – The highway police (TV series, episode battue )
2016: Emergency Harbor Edge (TV series, episode The Clan )
2017: The Other Side (1 episode)
since 2017: Betty’s diagnosis (TV series)
2018: Beck is back!
2023: Survivors (TV Series)

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