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Is Claudia Kade Married?. September 2023

Claudia Kade is a renowned German journalist who has made significant contributions to the field of journalism. Currently serving as the Head of Politics at the newspaper Die Welt, Kade’s career is characterized by her insightful reporting and commitment to informing the public.

Who is Claudia Kade?

Claudia Kade was born in Hamburg in 1972. Her journey into the world of journalism began after she completed her Abitur in 1991. Subsequently, she pursued studies in Journalism and Economics at Dortmund. Her passion for journalism led her to work as a freelance contributor at ZDF in Mainz from 1994 to 1999. During this period, she contributed to the heute news department and the Frontal magazine. Her dedication to reporting took her to Berlin from 1999 to 2008, where she served as a correspondent for the news agency Reuters. During her time there, she focused on covering events in the Chancellor’s Office and within the CDU/CSU.

Kade’s interest in political affairs continued to grow, leading her to concentrate on reporting about the Chancellor’s Office and the CDU/CSU from 2005 onwards. This dedication continued as she transitioned to the Financial Times Deutschland in 2008. Even after the newspaper’s closure in 2012, Kade’s commitment to political journalism remained unwavering. She joined the Politics department at Welt/Welt am Sonntag, where she continues to provide insightful reporting.

In 2017, Claudia Kade assumed the role of Head of the Politics department at Die Welt. Her leadership has been marked by her ability to provide in-depth analysis and coverage of political events that matter. Additionally, Kade is a frequent guest on various talk shows, including phoenix nachgefragt, Markus Lanz, Anne Will, Maybrit Illner, hart aber fair, and ZDF-Morgenmagazin. Her presence in these discussions showcases her expertise in political matters and her commitment to engaging with the public on important issues.

Beyond her regular reporting and talk show appearances, Claudia Kade has taken on the responsibility of analyzing election projections for both federal and state elections. She contributes to the specialized program phoenix vor ort, providing valuable insights and analysis to the public during critical moments of decision-making.

Claudia Kade’s journey through the world of journalism has been marked by her dedication to delivering accurate, impactful, and insightful news coverage. As a seasoned journalist with a focus on politics, her work has played a significant role in informing the public and shaping discussions on important matters. Her commitment to journalism continues to drive her forward as she provides valuable insights and analysis to audiences across Germany.

Is Claudia Kade Married?

There is no information about the marital status of Claudia Kade. Claudia Kade is very secretive about her marital affair. Also, there is no information about her past relationship, whether she has been married or engaged. We will keep you updated if anything about her marital status comes out.

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