Industrial Sewing Machine Prices In Ghana

By | February 19, 2022

How much does an industrial sewing machine cost in Ghana? We are going to let you know the answer to this question and several other questions concerning sewing machines. 

Industrial Sewing Machines are becoming more useful nowadays. Probably it’s because they’re multi-purpose sewing machines. Most of these industrial sewing machines falls under electronic sewing machines as well.

As mentioned earlier, we will be letting you know how much an industrial sewing machine cost in Ghana. Then also, we will give you more details on industrial sewing machines, types and more. Again, we will let you know where you can purchase an industrial sewing machine in Ghana and etc.

Key Points

Below are the main sections of this post:

  • Details About Sewing Machines
  • What You Need To Know About Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Pros And Cons Of Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Costs Of Industrial Sewing Machines In Ghana
  • Where To Buy An Industrial Sewing Machine In Ghana

Sewing Machines     

Sewing machines are machines used to sew pieces of fabrics or articles together. Sewing machines can be used to sew articles like: tents, bags, lather and etc.

Ideally, two main types of sewing machines exist and these are: the manual swing machine and, the electric or electronic sewing machine. 

Don’t forget, there are other types of sewing machines like: mini and portable sewing machines, computerized or automated sewing machines, embroidery sewing machines, overlocking or serger sewing machines and etc however, all can be classified into two: manual swing machine and, electric or electronic sewing machine. 

With respect to their operations, the manual swing machine is operated by the hands or legs, whereas the electric sewing machine is driven by an electrical power.

In other terms, the manual swing sewing machine is driven using the hands or legs of the user, whereas the electric sewing machine is operated using an electric power.

About Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial sewing machines are far different from the traditional sewing machines. Industrial sewing machines are built to do heavy-duty works. For instance: industrial sewing machines can be used in handling thick articles like leathers and etc. 

Industrial sewing machines falls under the electric or electronic sewing machines. This is because, most industrial sewing machines are powered by an electric power.

Pros And Cons Of Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial sewing machines come with superior durability. Industrial sewing machines produce faster stitch rates and etc. 

However, industrial sewing machines are costly than the traditional sewing machines. Then also, unlike the traditional sewing machines, maintaining industrial sewing machines are quite hectic.

Cost Of Electric Sewing Machine In Ghana

Probably, you are planning to buy an industrial sewing machine this year. We are going to help you budget your money. 

With the estimated price we’ll be giving you, draw your budget around that. 

Price: Starting from GH¢ 1400 minimum price and GH¢ 5000 maximum. 

Places To Buy An Electric Sewing Machine In Ghana

  • Sussie’s Corner (Location: Opera Building, Accra Pagan Road, Accra 024 427 2172).
  • KikaDora Creations & Sewing Supplies (+233(0) 302 718 594 and +233(0) 544 341 524).
  • Edi-Lorwins Enterprise (Location: 2nd, Frema St, Accra 054 250 8866). 
  • Jiji Ghana
  • Ghanabuysell
  • Jumia and etc. 

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