I am sorry, please forgive me – Yaw Dabo apologizes to Ghanaians over his recent comments


Ghanaians have received an apology from Ghanaian movie actor Yaw Dabo for his remark that “lazy people watch movies for more than an hour” in an interview.

According to the actor, watching movies for even an hour is being lazy.

He highlighted discipline as one of the fundamental requirements for success in life, and it shows a lack of discipline to spend more than an hour watching a movie that won’t transform your life.

Yaw Dabo believed that since the modern world was focused on amassing wealth, it was not advisable for people to waste their time on insignificant things.

Many Ghanaians were not pleased with Dabo’s comments, claiming he shouldn’t have made them knowing well that it’s the same path that led to his fame and wealth.

However, the actor has expressed his regret for his statements to everyone he addressed.Yaw Dabo was accosted by Achipalgo in a video and asked to apologise to Ghanaians for a statement he made.

In the TikTok video, Archipalago criticized Yaw Dabo’s comments and challenged him to take accountability for his conduct.

He stressed once more how Dabo’s remarks would damage his acting career.Yaw Dabo apologized and admitted his mistake. He admitted his frailty and that he was only human.

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