Hugo Boss Perfume Price In Ghana


Hugo Boss Perfume is just what you need to feel extraordinary in that attire of yours. You might have already heard about this complex Hugo Boss Perfume but then, if you are yet to read about it, then this post has more to tell you. To add, before you make a budget for this particular perfume, ensure that you check the prices listed in this post.

About Hugo Boss Perfume

What Is Hugo Boss Perfume?

Hugo Boss Perfume is one of the products of Hugo Boss. The company is a German fashion and lifestyle brand, and it was established in 1924. 

To add, Hugo Boss launched its first men fragrance in 1985. Hugo Boss Perfume has since become one of the most prestigious fragrance brands in the world. No wonder it’s a famous brand! 

Hugo Boss has gotten to the extent of rendering both men and women the perfumes that suit exactly their taste of preference.

Types Of Hugo Boss Perfume

Here are some types of Hugo Boss Perfume below:

  • Boss Intense
  • Boss Intense Shimmer Edition
  • Boss Number One
  • Boss Pure
  • Boss Soul
  • Boss Spirit
  • Boss Sport
  • Boss Woman
  • Deep Red
  • Hugo Dark Blue
  • Pure Purple
  • Boss Alive Collector Edition
  • Boss Alive Eau de Parfum
  • Boss Alive Eau de Toilette
  • Boss Alive Intense
  • Boss Bottled Absolute
  • Boss Bottled Collector Eau de Parfum
  • Boss Bottled Collector’s Edition
  • Boss Bottled Eau de Parfum
  • Boss Bottled Intense

Vie full the list here. 

View Hugo Boss Perfume website here for more.

Prices Of Hugo Boss Perfume

First of all, check the prices using this link. The price range of Hugo Boss Perfume is GH¢ 40 — GH¢ 500. 

Are Hugo Boss Perfumes Expensive?

Definitely no. Your budget shows what you may be able to afford. 

Does BossLady Cosmetics Sell Hugo Boss Perfume? 

BossLady Cosmetics is a dominant cosmetic shop in the beauty industry. BossLady Cosmetics can be found in Ghana. Currently, BossLady Cosmetics has a branch in both Volta Region, Ho and Accra.

Some of BossLady Cosmetics’ products include: Perfumes, Hair Creams, Body Creams and etc. BossLady Cosmetics is into both retail and wholesale. 

For your Hugo Boss Perfumes, contact BossLady Cosmetics via: +233 24 164 8023

Where To Buy Hugo Boss Perfume

You can purchase any of the Hugo Boss Perfumes at the following shops and e-commerce sites listed below: 

  • BossLady Cosmetics Ghana
  • Jiji Ghana
  • Tonaton Ghana
  • Jumia Ghana
  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • And etc.  

Where Can I Buy Hugo Boss Perfume In Ghana?

To buy your Hugo Boss Perfume, go to BossLady Cosmetics, Jiji Ghana, Jumia Ghana and other supermarkets. 


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