How To Download Your NSS Certificate. Complete Guide


In this post, I am going to take you through a complete guide on how to download your NSS certificate online. 

This is important for individuals awaiting their national service certificate so that they can use it to apply for jobs. Specifically, those who have completed their national service year and are awaiting their national service certificate.

If you are ready like I am, then let’s delve into it!

How To Download Your NSS Certificate

Below are the steps of how to download your NSS certificate. 

Step 1

To begin the national service certificate request, go to and enter your national service number (e.g. NSSGWE 456324) in the “verify your NSS Number below” text box. Then click the “start here” button to proceed. If you forget your number, don’t worry; simply go to the “Don’t know your NSS Number? search below” text boxes and type in your surname, first name, region, and year of service, then click the “search” button to continue.

Step 2 

Right after providing the right details and clicking on the “Start Here” button or the “search” button, a preview of your NSS Certificate Request Status shows up with details such as Date Requested, Service Request Number, Payment Status, Courier Status, Requested by and Request Status.

Step 3 

“Click here to view your certificate” is an option on this page. Click it to see a preview of your certificate.

Step 4 

Click “CTRL + P” on the certificate preview page. As a result, press and hold the control key on your keyboard while pressing the “P” key. The shortcut for “Print” is this.

Step 5

Select “Microsoft Print To PDF” as the destination from the print menu.

Step 6

Click print after selecting “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the destination option.

Step 7 

Click on save after navigating to the folder where you wish to save the service certificate PDF.

If you want to request for your NSS certificate and also get it delivered to your doorstep, then check our previous post and meticulously go through the steps to learn how to do it without any stress or hustle. 

NSS Certificate Delivery Process. How to get your certificate

We will also be bringing you more updates on anything relating to National service. If there is anything pressing about NSS you want us to also address then feel free to let us know. 

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