NSS Certificate Delivery Process. How to get your certificate

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In this post, I am going to take you through the NSS Certificate delivery process, which is the steps of how you can get your NSS certificate delivered right at your doorstep without any stress or hustle. 

Without wasting any time let’s delve into it. 

How to Request For Delivery Of Your NSS Certificate. 

Step 1

To begin the national service certificate request, go to nsscertificate.com and enter your national service number (e.g. NSSGWE 456324) in the “verify your NSS Number below” text box. Then click the “start here” button to proceed. If you forget your number, don’t worry; simply go to the “Don’t know your NSS Number? search below” text boxes and type in your surname, first name, region, and year of service, then click the “search” button to continue.

Step 2 

The first stage of the national service certificate request process appears after entering the correct information and pressing the “Start here” or “search” buttons. This first stage form is pre-filled with information such as your national service number, full name, service region, institution attended, service district, course of study, and ID card. In the available fields, you must enter your residential address, your Ghana post digital address (GPS Digital address), your area of residence, closest landmark, city of residence, and region. After you’ve filled out all of the needed information, click the next button.


Step 3 

The “Electronic Consent Authorization Confirmation” step is the second stage of the national service certificate request process. You must offer your “consent to release information from education records” in this state. This means that you must supply your signature as proof of consent. Your signature should be drawn in the lower-left corner of the page. If you have a complicated signature, this can be a little stressful. Don’t worry if your mouse is not suited for drawing. It is not necessary for your signature to be a perfect match. Click the “submit consent” button after you’ve drawn your signature.

Step 4

The details preview stage is the third stage of the national service certificate request process. The details preview stage appears after you draw and submit your signature on the “Electronic Consent Authorization Confirmation” step. This step displays all of the information you’ve entered, including pre-filled information, your ID card, and your signature. Your national service number, full name, region of service, institution attended, district of service, course of study, ID card, residential address, Ghana post digital address (GPS Digital address), area of residence, closest landmark, city of residence, and region are some of the information on this form.

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Step 5

The payment stage is the fourth stage of the national service credential request process. You must select a payment platform at this point in order to pay for the delivery of your national service certificate. As of this writing, the cost of national service delivery is GHS 33. There are just two options for platforms. You have the option of using MTN mobile money or Express pay. MTN momo is recommended since it is the most convenient.

Step 6

When you select MTN mobile money, a drop-down menu appears, revealing the cost of the national service certificate delivery service and prompting you to enter your MTN mobile money number. To continue, click the “Pay with MTN Mobile Money” button after entering your MTN mobile money number.

Step 7

The payment approval step appears after clicking the “Pay with MTN Mobile Money” button. You must use your smartphone to access your mobile money wallet and approve the transaction. This page will remain until you confirm the transaction with your mobile money by clicking the “Verify” button. On this page, there is supposed to be a “Verify” button, however, it is missing. But don’t be concerned. Simply refresh or reload the page after approving the purchase on your phone for it to take effect.

Step 8 

To approve the transaction with mobile money, simply follow the steps below. 

  • Dial *170# select option 7, my Wallet. 
  • Select option 3 for my Approvals 
  • Enter PIN to get your Pending Approval list 
  • Select pending transaction to approve 
  • Select Option 1 YES to approve the transaction
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Step 9 

The fifth and final stage of the national service certificate request procedure appears after accepting the transaction and clicking the “Verify” button or simply refreshing the website. This page displays a congrats message to let you know you’ve completed the task. “Your payment for your NSS certificate delivery has been received, and your request order has been filed successfully,” it says.

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