How Long Can A Man Stay Without A Sex

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Most men undergo sexual dry spell despite the mental and physical benefits associated with sex. You may want to know the number of days, weeks, months or even years a man can stay without sex and still experience no side effects. Well, we will let you know the appropriate answer. 

However, we’re also going to tell you some of the reasons a man may decide to stay without sex.

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Reasons A Man Will Stay Without Sex

How Long Can A Man Stay Without A Sex 2At some point in time, some men in romantic relationships will decide to live without sex. Even certain men who aren’t in such relationships may also decide to avoid sex at all cost. It’s no surprise, below are their reasons for doing so: 

Religious Beliefs

Most religious denominations have customs that prevent their leaders from marrying or even having sex. This is necessary for their spiritual growth. 


Most men have priorities for their lives which sex is not part. For instance, they’ll rather give much attention to their works, extended families, kids, friends, hobbies and other interests than sex. 


Men may stop having sex when their partners tend to deny them sex. Most often when there is a misunderstanding in the relationship, most ladies repel their men. 

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Most men are usually under stress, from one task to another. This may lead to low interest in sex. As a result of stress, most men will forgo sex at all cost. 

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How Long Can A Man Stay Without A Sex

How Long Can A Man Stay Without A Sex 3A study was conducted to find out the duration people can stay without sex. First of all, the study sought to know the last time the participants had sex. 

The study showed that on the average, women and men who are in a long-term relationship went a week without sex. Moreover, those who aren’t in any relationship went two months without sex. The study realized that, a man can stay for a month without sex. 

Bottom Line 

All men are not the same in terms of sexual performance. As mentioned earlier, there are several reasons certain men can stay without sex.

Despite the benefits of sex, the side effects of staying without sex may not be seen in most men. Therefore, the period of time a man can stay without sex differs from one man to another. 




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