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Horst Drinda was born on May 1 , 1927 in Berlin. Horst Drinda was a German actor and director. He attended school in Berlin and the Aviation Technical Preschool in Köthen.

It must be noted that Horst Drinda trained to become an aircraft engine fitter at the Junkers factory. He also studied at the Gotenhafen War School in the fall of 1944 to prepare for a career as a technical officer in the Wehrmacht.

He applied to become a member of the NSDAP on January 30, 1944 and was only made a member on April 20, 1944. Horst Drinda was finally commissioned into the infantry but due to an injury he sustained, he was taken up as a prisoner but he escaped.

Between 1946 and 1947 was a student of the acting school of the German Theater in Berlin after getting a scholarship. He was the director of the DFF acting ensemble.

He was the lead actor in the propaganda series Ich – Axel Caesar Springer between 1967 and 1970.

Horst Drinda Cause of Death

Horst Drinda died in 2005 at the age of 77. Before his death, he suffered two heart attacks in 2003. Due to the heart attacks, he became paralyzed. Horst Drinda was buried in the Pankow IV cemetery in Berlin-Niederschönhausen .

Filmography and Theater

Some of the films Horst Drinda made appearances in include 1948: And Again 48 – Director: Gustav von Wangenheim, 1950: Högler’s Assignment – directed by Gustav von Wangenheim, 1950: Semmelweis – Savior of Mothers – Director: Georg C. Klaren, 1951: Irregular train traffic – Director: Erich Freund and 1954: Dangerous Freight – Director: Gustav von Wangenheim.

1955: Once is not Once – Director: Konrad Wolf, 1956: The Brave Little Tailor – Director: Helmut Spieß, 1957: Lissy – Director: Konrad Wolf, 1958: They all knew each other – Director: Richard Groschopp and 1958: Block on the Leg – Director: Frank Vogelare also films Horst Drinda featured in.

As a matter of fact, he was featured in a lot of movies over the years he was alive. Some of his theater works include 1950: Carl Sternheim: 1913 (Friedrich Stadler) – Director: Günther Haenel ( Deutsches Theater Berlin – Kammerspiele), 1951: Alfred Kantorowicz: The Allies – Director: Wolfgang Heinz (Deutsches Theater Berlin – Kammerspiele) and 1951: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Egmont (Ferdinand) – Director: Wolfgang Langhoff (Deutsches Theater Berlin).

Others are 1952: Maxim Gorki : Yegor Bulytschow and the Others (Laptiev) – Director: Hans Jungbauer (Deutsches Theater Berlin), 1952: Friedrich Schiller : Don Carlos (Carlos) – Director: Wolfgang Langhoff (Deutsches Theater Berlin) and 1953: Konstantin Fyodorovich Issayev / Alexander Arkadyevich Galitsch : Telecommunications…Please report (Grischko) – Director: Rudolf Wessely (Deutsches Theater Berlin – Kammerspiele).

Horst Drinda Awards

As a German actor and director, Horst Drinda received some awards. Some of the awards are the 1959: GDR Art Prize, the 1963: National Prize of the GDR, 1970: National Prize of the GDR III. Class for me – Axel Caesar Springer in the collective, 1971: GDR Art Prize for KLK to PTX – The Red Chapel with Irma Münch and Klaus Piontek, 1971: FDGB Art Prize for KLK to PTX – The Red Chapel in the Collective and 1976: FDGB Art Prize for In Search of Gatt in the Collective.

The others are 1977: FDGB art prize for Zur See in the collective,1982: FDGB Art Prize and 1987: GDR National Prize for Art and Literature, 1st Class.

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