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Harry Piel born Heinrich Piel was a prolific actor, director, screenwriter, and producer whose career spanned more than 150 films. He joined the Grand Duchess Elizabeth as a cadet aboard a sailing ship in 1909, beginning an exciting and eventful childhood. Piel relocated to Berlin in 1911, having finished his cadetship, which laid the groundwork for his incredible journey into the film industry.


Harry Piel was born on July 12, 1892, in Düsseldorf, Germany. Piel began his career in film as a director, screenwriter, and producer in 1912 when he established the “Art Film Publishing House Company”. His first motion picture, “Black Blood” (1912), starring Curt Goetz, was the first in a string of daring and exciting pictures that would come to define his early career.

Piel started acting in 1915 after retiring from full-time camera work. His major performance in the 1916 film “Die große Wette” set him up for future detective cinema roles such as “Joe Deebs.” With the release of the movie “To the Large Unknown Quantity” (1919), he started receiving credit as “Harry Peel” internationally. Because of the explosive scenes in his movies, Piel was dubbed “the dynamite director.”

Together with the renowned Marlene Dietrich, Piel had two roles in the 1927 film “His Greatest Bluff.” Dary Holm was an actress who starred in many of his films, and he was married in the same year. Piel experienced both personal and professional achievements during this time.

In addition to popular adventure films like “Shade of the Underworld” (1931), “Johnny Steals Europe” (1932), “The Ship Without a Port,” “The Call of the Jungle” (1935), and “His Best Friend” (1937), Piel’s directing endeavors into comedy began in the 1930s with “Him or Me” (1930). His prominence in German film was cemented by his ability to combine humor and action.

Piel allied himself with the Nazi government in 1933 by joining the NSDAP and becoming a patron member of the SS. This did not, however, protect him from problems with the Nazis. Due to its realistic portrayal of air strikes on German cities and its propensity to incite panic during World War II, his 1943 film “Panik” was prohibited.

Piel suffered repercussions after World War II as a result of his continued membership in the SS. He received a sentence of six months in jail and five years of professional disqualification during denazification for hiding his connection. He established “Ariel Film” in Hamburg in 1950 despite this setback, with varying degrees of success.

Harry Piel Parents

There is no information about Harry Piel’s parents.

Harry Piel Age, Height, Weight, Birthdate

Age 70 years old ( at the time of his death)
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Birthdate July 12, 1892


Harry Piel’s Wife/Girlfriend

Harry Piel was married to Dary Holm.

Harry Piel Children

Harry Piel had no child at the time of his death.

Harry Piel’s Net Worth

There was no available information about Harry Piel’s net worth at his time of death.




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