Giuseppe Lanza Di Scalea Cause of Death: Full Details

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Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea was an Italian nobleman and politician . He was born on January 18, 1870 in Palermo to Francesco, 1st Prince Lanza of Scalea (1834-1919) and his wife Rosa Mastrogiovanni Tasca Lanza dei Conti d’Almerita (1843-1900).  

Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea was the third of five children. Between 1912 and 1914,  Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea was the municipal councilor for public works of Palermo under the mayorships of Girolamo Di Martino and Vincenzo Di Salvo. 

He got elected mayor of Palermo in 1920.  Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea found himself in trouble for the serious financial situation of the Municipality. He had no option but to use a series of unpopular measures.

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It must be noted that unlike his brother,  Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea did not join the National Fascist Party. Later in 1924 when he had ended his term as mayor of Palermo, he was appointed Senator of the Kingdom of Italy. He was also a member of the Freemasons.

Giuseppe Lanza Di Scalea Cause of Death

Giuseppe Lanza Di Scalea died on October 20, 1929. It was reported that when he was about to go to the funeral of his cousin Pietro Lanza Branciforte Galeotti, 11th Prince of Trabia, he was suddenly struck by a sudden illness.

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It was that illness that caused his death at a time he was 59 years old. It must be noted when Giuseppe Lanza Di Scalea was alive, the French noblewoman Valentine Rousseau (1883-1943), daughter of Baron Alfred, former French consul in Palermo.

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They got married in 1906 and had two children. The first one was Rosa (1909-1984), who was the wife of Giuseppe Fiorentino and the second one was Francesco (1912-1988), an engineer, who married in his first marriage the Tuscan noblewoman Maria Arabella Salviati, with whom he had his children Giuseppe and Blasco, and in his second marriage Giovanna Di Lorenzo. 

He was a member of the ARS from 1948 to 1951 for the Liberal Democratic Qualunquista Bloc. 

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