George Motoi Cause of Death: Full Details

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One of the known personalities in the history of Romania is George Motoi. George Motoi was a Romanian actor who is known to have made appearances in over thirty films between 1962 and 2005. He was born in Arman, Caliacra County, Kingdom of Romania.

He was quite active as an actor between 1962 and 2005. In 1962, George Motoi played the role of M Dragon in the film titled Lupeni 29. He also played a role in a film titled Kingdom In the Clouds.

Kingdom In The Clouds was produced and released in 1969. Later in 1973, George Motoi was actively involved in the movie titled Explosion. In Explosion, he played the role of Marinescu. He also played the role of SS Captain Reinhardt in the movie titled Pe aici nu se trece.

This movie was produced and released in 1975 and in 1983, George Motoi made an appearance in Tradanfirul galben. His presence was also felt in The Silver Mask and Colierul de Turcoaze in 1985 and 1986 respectively.George Motoi died on March 4, 2015, when he was 79 years old.

He is seen as an embodiment of a prototype of an intellectual in Romanian movies before. George Motoi was an embodiment of an intellectual in Romanian movies before 1990. He played the lead role in the classic drama titled Adela.

Adela was awarded Best Film at the San Remo Festival in 1986. George Motoi received an Excellence Award from the Romanian Film Centre in 2002 as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award at Transilvania Film Festival in 2011.

He was also given the Presidential Distinction Cultural Order of Merit with the rank of a Knight. He was a favorite actor of Malvona Ursianu and played the lead role in four of her movies; Evening (Studioul Cinematografic Bucuresti(1971), Fleeting Loves (Casa De Filme 3, 1974), The Return of King lapusneanu(casa de filme 3, 1979) and the Silence Of the Deep (Studioul Cinematografic Bucuresti,1982).

George Motoi Cause of Death

It’s not so clear what caused the death of George Motoi

George Motoi’s  Wives

One of the wives of George Motoi was Cezara Dafinescu. They were married for more than 20 years and they had a daughter called  Raluca Motoi. Cezara Dafinescu subsequently married businessman Gelu Fronea.

However, Gelu Fronea died in 2003 after a motorcycle accident. Due to this, Cezara Dafinescu became depressed and even experienced bulimia; an eating disorder characterized by excessive feeding. George Motoi was also married to Giliola Motoi.


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