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Gabriel Bateman Siblings. June 2023

Gabriel Bateman siblings: How many siblings does Gabriel Bateman have? Who is Gabriel Bateman sister? As you read on, we will be taking a look at the siblings of American actor, Gabriel Bateman.

Gabriel Michael Bateman is an American actor born on September 10, 2004 in Turlock, California where he was raised. He is well known for his roles in horror films such as Annabelle (2014) as Robert. Lights Out (2016) as Martin Wells, Unhinged (2020) as Kyle Hunter, etc.

Bateman started his acting journey at the age of eight in the film George Biddle alongside his sister, Talitha. Two years later,  he landed a role in the horror film, “Annabelle”  (2014) as Robert. That same year, Gabriel landed a starring role in the CBS thriller series (Stalker) as Ethan Taylor.

Bateman again received another role in the horror drama series (Outcast) in November 2014 but he started appearing in it from 2016 to 2017.

As we speak, the 18 year old has starred or appeared in over twenty films and TV series. His list of films and TV series include; The Fabelmans (2022), Just Beyond (2021), The Mosquito Coast (2021 to 2023), American Gothic (2016), Benji (2018), Child’s Play (2019), etc.

Who Are Gabriel Bateman Siblings? 

American actor, Gabriel Bateman has seven siblings and is actually the youngest amongst them. His siblings are Talitha Bateman, Justin Bateman, Judah Bateman, Hannah Bateman, Leah Bateman, Noah Bateman and Aleq Bateman.

Bateman’s siblings in order of birth is as follows:

1. Justin Bateman born on July 27, 1988 in Alameda County, California, USA.

2. Hannah Bateman born on March 12, 1993 in California.

3. Leah Bateman was born on May 9, 1995 in Stanislaus County, California.

4. Judah Bateman, born on March 9, 1999.

5. Noah Bateman, born on March 29, 2000 in Turlock, California, USA.

6. Talitha Bateman, born on September 4, 2001 in California.

7. Aleq Bateman, born on April 26, 2003.

Gabriel Bateman siblings
Gabriel Bateman sisters, Leah and Talitha Bateman

How Many Siblings Does Gabriel Bateman Have? 

Bateman has seven siblings; 4 brothers and 3 sisters. They are Justin, Hannah, Leah, Judah, Noah, Talitha, and Aleq Bateman.

Who Is Gabriel Bateman’s Sister?

Talitha Eliana Bateman is an American actress born on September 4, 2001 in Turlock, California to Tim Bateman and Jonelle Bateman. She is the youngest sister of actor, Gabriel Bateman.

Talitha started her acting career as a child actress in 2012 when she was barely 11 years old. In her quest to pursue acting, Talitha accompanied her elder to Los Angeles where she started going for auditions.

She made her film debut in 2012 in “George Biddle” followed by appearances in short films The Park Bench (2013) and Life Grows On (2013) as Granddaughter. She then landed her first role in the ABC sitcom “The Middle” in 2013. Since then, she has starred or appeared in films and television series such as “Love, Simon” (2018), “So B. It (2016), Petals on the Wind (2014), Away (2020),etc.

Who Are Gabriel Bateman’s Parents? 

Bateman was born to Tim Bateman and Jonelle Bateman. He is the last child of his parents eight children.

How Old Is Gabriel Bateman?

Bateman is 18 years old at the time of writing. He was born on September 10, 2004 in Turlock, California, USA to Tim Bateman and Jonelle Bateman.

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