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Friedrich Zelnik’s Biography, Wikipedia

Friedrich Zelnik was born on May 17, 1885, and he was an Austrian producer, actor and director. Even though he died on November 29, 1950, he is considered one of the most important producers-directors of the German silent cinema.

Friedrich Zelnik was born into a Jewish family in Czernowitz. It must be noted that after his education in Vienna, Friedrich Zelnik served as an actor in theaters in Aachem, Nurnberg, Worms, Prague as well as Berlin. He acted in films in 1914 but a year later, he took to producing and directing movies.

Friedrich Zelnik in 1918 got married to Lya Mara who was a young Polish ballet dancer who later became an actress.
He established a film production company named Zelnik-Mara Film GmbH. Friedrich Zelnik and Lya Mara were noted for films such as The Blue Danube, The Bohemian Dancer, Dancing Vienna and Marietta Dances Today. Friedrich Zelnik was the first director in Europe to post-synchronize a movie after the introduction of sound films.

Some of the films Friedrich Zelnik produced are The Lost Paradise (1917), The Serenyi (1918), The Peruvian (1919), The Yellow Diplomat (1920), The Princess of the Nile (1920), The Law of the Desert (1920), The Convict of Cayenne (1921), The Buried Self (1921) and The Bank Crash of Unter den Linden (1926).

He also directed the following films; His Majesty the Hypochondriac (1918), Charlotte Corday (1919), The Heiress of the Count of Monte Cristo (1919), Anna Karenina (1920), Kri-Kri, the Duchess of Tarabac (1920), Fanny Elssler (1920), Count Varenne’s Lover (1921), The Girl from Piccadilly (1921), Trix, the Romance of a Millionairess (1921), Miss Beryll (1921) and Memoirs of a Film Actress (1921).

Friedrich Zelnik’s Age, Birth Date

Friedrich Zelnik was born on May 17, 1885, and died at the age of 65.


Friedrich Zelnik’s Height, Weight

Friedrich Zelnik’s height and weight are unavailable

Friedrich Zelnik’s Net Worth

His net worth is unavailable.

Friedrich Zelnik’s Parents

Even though the names of his parents are unavailable, he is said to have been born into a Jewish family in Czernowitz

Friedrich Zelnik’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

Friedrich Zelnik was married to actress Lya Mara. Lya Mara was a young Polish ballet dancer who later became an actress.

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