Francesco Merola First Wife. Meet Marianna Mercurio

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Francesco Merola was born in Naples on September 8, 1970. He is the youngest child of Mario Merola, the renowned Neapolitan singer, and Rosa Serrapiglia, who tied the knot in 1964. The two older siblings of Francesco are Loredana and Michele Roberto. It’s interesting to note that the artist’s third child’s godfather, Franco Franchi, was a close friend of Mario Merola and honored by the name.

Early Life

Working alongside his brother Michele Roberto, who acts as an organizer, Francesco Merola has demonstrated his vocal abilities and become a vital member of the music business. The high point of their partnership was achieved in 2001 when they and their father won the Naples Festival with the poignant song “L’urdemo emigrante.”

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Many tours around Italy have defined Francesco Merola’s career, most notably the “Il lungo viaggio continua” tour. Accompanied by his father Mario Merola, this musical voyage offered a reworking of the classic Neapolitan song repertory, enthralling listeners with the spirit of time-honored tunes.

When Mario Merola passed away in 2008, Francesco and his older brother started a new business together and opened the “Felicissima Sera” restaurant museum in Naples. As a tribute to the late singer, this unusual restaurant lets guests eat while taking in an extensive collection of artifacts, costumes, covers, pictures, posters, letters, and newspaper headlines honoring the legendary performer.

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In addition to his musical endeavors, Francesco Merola maintains an active presence on social media networks. He has a sizable fan base of over 27,000 on Instagram and over 48,000 on Facebook. He gives people a deeper insight into his diverse life by sharing snippets of his hobbies and numerous activities through these outlets.

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Who is Francesco Merola First Wife?

Contrary to his outwardly confident musical demeanor, Francesco Merola keeps a low profile in his personal life. He and Marianna Mercurio were romantically connected. In May 2021, the couple separated, which Francesco openly discussed on his social media accounts. Thankfully, the situation was handled, and the couple got back together a few months later.


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