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French actress Francesca Neri was born in Trento, Italy, on February 10, 1964. She is well-known for her various roles in theater, television, and cinema. Over the course of her multi-decade career, her talent, charm, and ability to represent a wide range of personalities have made a lasting impression on the entertainment business.


Francesca Neri made her film debut in the early 1980s, marking the beginning of a cinematic journey that would see her become a prominent figure in Italian and international cinema. Her breakthrough came with the film “Bankomatt” (1989), directed by Villi Hermann. This early success set the stage for a prolific film career.

Neri’s talent transcended national borders, and she gained international recognition for her performances in acclaimed films. One of her notable international projects was the Spanish film “Belle Époque” (1992), directed by Fernando Trueba, which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Her compelling portrayal in the film contributed to her growing reputation as a versatile and skilled actress.

Throughout her career, Francesca Neri collaborated with esteemed directors, showcasing her ability to adapt to different cinematic styles and narratives. Her filmography includes works with directors such as Pedro Almodóvar, Vicente Aranda, and Roberto Benigni, reflecting the respect she garnered in the industry.

Neri’s filmography is studded with memorable performances. Some of her notable films include “Carne trémula” (1997), “Live Flesh” (1997), and “I Am Love” (2009). Her contributions to cinema have been recognized with awards and nominations, underscoring her impact on the cinematic landscape.

In addition to her success in film, Francesca Neri has ventured into television, taking on roles in series and telefilms. Her ability to seamlessly transition between the big and small screens speaks to her versatility as an actress.

In Mirko Pincelli’s “The Habit of Beauty,” which debuted in 2016, Francesca Neri played the role of Elena, a widow who is attempting to reconcile with her husband while dealing with the death of her kid. Co-produced in Italy and the UK, the movie debuted in June 2017 to a mixed reception. Neri’s autobiography, “Come carne viva,” was published on October 5, 2021.

In it, she explained her absence, citing severe interstitial cystitis. She participated in book marketing and interviews with the media once it was published. When Neri appeared on the Rai network’s “Oggi è un altro giorno,” which was presented by Serena Bortone, in November 2021, she talked about her condition and gave her perspective on significant events in her life and profession.

Who are Francesca Manenti’s Parents?

There is no information about Francesca Manenti’s parents. It seems she keeps her parents out of the public.


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