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Francesco Borgonovo is a well-known Italian writer and journalist who was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, on May 1, 1983. He is renowned for his substantial work in journalism and his perceptive criticism. His path has been characterized by a dedication to many media platforms, such as periodicals, radio shows, and newspapers.

Educational Background

Borgonovo’s intellectual journey started at the University of Bari, where he earned a degree in philosophy. This degree laid the groundwork for his eventual profession as a journalist. He began his career as a professional journalist in 2009, setting off a series of events that would make him a prominent figure in the Italian media.


At the beginning of his career, he was employed by the Daily Libero, where he served as the chief editor in addition to being a journalist. Alongside Alessio Di Mauro and Giuseppe Pollicelli, Borgonovo demonstrated his flexibility as a writer and pundit by contributing to the satirical supplement LiberoVeleno.

Francesco Borgonovo has been an essential member of the newspaper La Verità since September 20, 2016, and he is presently the deputy director. This position is a reflection of his ongoing commitment to providing the public with well-informed, provocative journalism.

Borgonovo has expanded his sphere of influence in the media beyond his job at La Verità. He works for the monthly Il Primato Nazionale, a publication connected to the far-right CasaPound movement and neo-fascist movement, as well as the weekly Panorama. In addition to his contributions to Altaforte, CasaPound’s publishing firm, he has also been active on the Byoblu channel.

He co-hosts the radio show “Punto e Accapo” on Radio Radio with Francesco Vergovich as of September 2022. He also presents the radio program “La Bomba Humana” on Radio Libertà (previously Radio Padania Libera). Furthermore, in September 2023, his repertory grew when Giornale Radio, a national radio station, debuted the “ZTL” show.

Borgonovo’s influence extends to the visual medium as well. He previously hosted the talk show “Iceberg” on Telelombardia and contributed as one of the authors to the program “La cage” on LA7 from 2013 to 2017, hosted by Gianluigi Paragone.

Beyond these roles, Borgonovo has actively participated in conferences and events organized by various movements and associations, including CasaPound, Movimento Nazionale – La Rete dei Patrioti, Associazione Family Day, il Popolo della Famiglia, Italexit, Fratelli of Italy, and Loyalty Action.

Who are Francesco Borgonovo Parents?

There is no information about Francesco Borgonovo’s parents. It seems he keeps his parents out of the public.


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