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Eugen Klopfer was a German actor who was born on March 10, 1886. He was said to have been born in Rauhen Stich near Talheim.
His parents were Karl Klopfer and Karoline. Karl Klopfer was a farmer and an innkeeper.

Eugen Klopfer was the youngest among eleven siblings and he had his education at the secondary school in Heilbronn. Later around 1898, he also attended the Latin school in Lauffen am Neckar. He was at the Karlsgymnasium in 1990. After school, Eugen Klopfer served as a timber merchant apprentice in Germany even though he had an interest in theater.

He joined the Munich Stage Association and had the chance to make an appearance in several provincial theaters.
It must be noted that between 1920 and 1923, Eugen Klopfer played at the Deutsches Theater and this was after World War I. He also went on tours across Europe and South America.

He made appearances in a lot of silent films and later in the year 1933, he was appointed a presidential member of the Reich Film Chamber. With the passage of time, Eugen Klopfer became Chairman of the Dr. Geobbels Donation Kunstlerdank.

Later in 1934, Eugen Klopfer also became a State Actor and Director of the Berliner Volksbuhne.
He held other positions but after 1945, he was banned from performing.

Subsequently, Eugen Klopfer was imprisoned for two months. He was later exonerated from the accusation that he had a hand in the death of Joachim Gottschalk. Unfortunately, he died in 1950 due to pneumonia.

Eugen Klopfer’s Biography, Wikipedia

His details are available on Wikipedia.

Eugen Klopfer’s Parents

The parents of Eugen Klopfer are Karl Klopfer and Karoline . Karl Klopfer was a farmer and an innkeeper

Eugen Klopfer’s Age, Birth Date

Eugen Klopfer was born on March 10, 1886. He died at the age of 63.

Eugen Klopfer’s Height, Weight

The height and weight of Eugen Klopfer are currently not available.

Eugen Klopfer’s Net Worth

His net worth is currently not available.

Eugen Klopfer’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children,

Eugen Klopfer was married to Karoline, née Hörsch. He was also in a long-term relationship with the actress Flockina von Platen. There is no information about his children.


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