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Enerst Chemists East Legon, Products, Services, Delivery, Location, Contact And More. June 2023

Enerst Chemists is one of the oldest and largest pharmaceutical companies in Ghana. Enerst Chemist is known for the production of pharmaceutical products in Ghana and more importantly at low-cost prices.

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About Enerst Chemist

Enerst Chemist, East Legon

Enerst Chemists Limited, the largest pharmaceutical company in Ghana, was founded in 1986 by Mr. Ernest Bediako Sampong. Though the company started as a sole proprietorship, in 1993, it became a limited liability company.

With not less than 30 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, the mission of the company still stands, providing different pharmaceutical products at low-priced prices.

Ernest Chemists Limited consist of 3 major divisions: manufacturing, retailing & distribution and exports.

Enerst Chemist Limited Manufacturing Division 

Enerst Chemist’s manufacturing division produces about one hundred and fifty (150) different finished pharmaceutical products. These products fall in the range of:

  • Analgesics
  • Antimalarial Drugs
  • Antibacterial Drugs
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Sedatives and Hypnotics
  • Anti-Protozoal Drugs
  • Oral Rehydration Salts
  • Antacids
  • Anti-Hypertensives and Diuretics 

On annual basis, Enerst Chemist Limited’s manufacturing plant is capable of producing the following dosage forms in a single shift: 80 million units of capsules, 6 million units of liquids, 23 million units of powders and 500 million units of tablets.

Enerst Chemists Retailing Division 

It’s worth noting that, Enerst Chemist Limited is the largest pharmaceutical retailing and distribution company in Ghana. It has an extensive network of distribution channels and warehouse facilities across the country.

Enerst Chemists Distribution and Exports Division 

Enerst Chemist exports some of their medicines to other parts of Africa.

Products Of Enerst Chemist East Legon

As mentioned earlier, Enerst Chemist is the largest pharmaceutical company in Ghana and, it has manufactured or produced not less than 150 different finished pharmaceutical products. Products of Enerst Chemist Limited include:

  • Alka 5
  • Kidivite
  • Lavinac
  • Malar 2
  • Metagyl
  • Mycovin
  • Neflucon
  • Nesben
  • Nesterix Forte
  • Nestrim
  • Nexcofer
  • No.10 Liver Salt
  • Nodium
  • Omexet
  • Omezole
  • Omron Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Omron Body Composition Monitor
  • Omron CompAir NE-C28P Nebuliser
  • Omron Compressor Nebulizer
  • Oxafen
  • Permoxyl Susp. 100ml
  • Permoxyl
  • Proman
  • Promethazine
  • Prowoman
  • Salbutalin
  • Septol
  • Stopkof
  • Stopkof Cold and Catarrh
  • T-Tetracin
  • Tobtabs
  • Tramadol
  • Zymax

NB: These are some of the products available at Enerst Chemist.

Location Of Enerst Chemist Legon Retail

Legon City Mall, Opposite University Of Ghana. Accra, Greater Accra

Ghana Post GPS: GA-488-1031

Contact Information Of Enerst Chemist Legon Retail 

  • 030 290 2531
  • 030 396 7865
  • 0501 608 865

Location Of Enerst Chemist Legon Wholesale

Legon City Mall, Opposite University Of Ghana.

Accra, Greater Accra

Ghana Post GPS: GA-488-1031

Contact Information Of Enerst Chemist Legon Wholesale 

  • 030 295 7708
  • 057 277 8142
  • 050 955 0739

Location Of Enerst Chemists Limited 

You can locate Enerst Chemists Limited at:

Nester Square,

7th Floor 215 South Liberation Link,

Airport – Accra, Ghana

P. O. Box 3345,

Accra – Ghana.

Contact Information Of Enerst Chemists Limited




Email: [email protected]




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