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Enerst Chemists East Legon, Products, Services, Delivery, Location, Contact And More

Enerst Chemists is one of the oldest and largest pharmaceutical companies in Ghana. Enerst Chemist is known for the production of pharmaceutical products in Ghana and more importantly at low-cost prices. More information about Enerst Chemists East Legon can be obtained in this post. These include: Enerst Chemist East Legon products and services, delivery, location,… Read More »

A&C Mall East Legon, Supermarket, Services, Offices, Location, Contact And More

More information about one of the largest Malls in Ghana, A&C Mall, has been provided in this post. About A&C Mall East Legon A&C Mall, which incorporates restaurants, bars, lounges, offices, a shopping center, medical clinics, international university, fitness center, swimming pool, Total filling station and a playground, was opened up in 2006. A&C mall,… Read More »

Starbites Restaurant East Legon, Menu, Pricing, Location, Contact And More

Get all information you need about Starbites Restaurant East Legon, their details including menus, pricing, location, delivery, contact information, etc. About Starbites Restaurant Starbites Restaurant is a Ghanaian owned restaurant which was founded by Eric and Deborah Andoh. Starbites, which is a hospitality restaurant, begun full commercial operations in June, 2011. The operation started by… Read More »

East Legon Police Station, Location, Contacts & More

The police service exists to protect life and property, prevent and detect of crime, prosecute offenders, preserve peace and good order, enforce all laws Acts, etc. Get more information on East Legon Police station, location, contact, how to get there and etc. About East Legon Police Station Ghana Police Service has several branches across the… Read More »