Earthenware Bowl Prices In Ghana


In this post, I am going to give you accurate earthenware bowl prices in Ghana, and other necessary information worth knowing about earthenware bowls. 

Let’s first learn more about earthenware bowls and their uses before we get to the prices of earthenware bowls in Ghana. 

A Ghanaian earthenware bowl is a clay grinding pot with ridges on the interior. It includes a wooden masher known as eta or tapoli in the local dialect.

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It’s known as a classic blender, and it’s best used in places where electricity isn’t available.

It’s also known as a pounding pot. The Ga people refer to it as Kaa, whereas the Akans refer to it as apotoyewaa or Asanka. It’s widely used as a serving bowl in chop bars.

How To Use An Earthenware Bowl

The use of Asanka requires skill, forearm strength, and correct technique to prevent sore wrists.

To make grinding easier, the ingredients are diced into small pieces before being placed in the Asanka.

The Asanka’s ridges minimize the amount of surface area in touch with the ingredients, allowing it to grind more effectively.

Forceful use of a wooden masher, the eta or tapoli, uses the friction between the ridges to mix the ingredients.

Repeating the process will pulverize and mix the ingredients over time.

Uses Of Earthenware Bowl

  • grinding and crushing ingredients
  • de-hulling of black-eyed peas (beans)
  • smoking and steaming ingredients, a special cooking technique among the Akans, crushed and heated on a stove, which is commonly called abom.
  • Serving bowl used in the chop bars for local dishes like fufu, banku, konkonte and riceballs with soups.

Earthenware Bowl Prices In Ghana

Earthenware bowls come in different sizes and colours which makes their prices vary. Black earthenware bowls are more expensive than red ones. Earthenware bowl sellers in our local markets sell their products at varying prices as well depending on where it was produced and the chain of distribution. In general, earthenware bowl prices starts from GHC 10.00 to GHC 30.00.

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