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Disposable Cups Prices In Ghana. June 2023

If you are reading this post, then probably you are thinking of organizing an event or a ceremony and would like to know the prices of disposable cups in Ghana.

You are in luck because in this article I am going to take you through the prices of various disposable cups for your ceremony or party.

A disposable cup is a type of tableware and food packaging that is used only once. Paper cups, plastic cups, and foam cups are all examples of disposable cups. Foam cups are made from expanded polystyrene, while plastic cups are made from polypropylene.

As you read further you will know how much it will cost you to purchase disposable cups in Ghana but before we get to that let’s look at the type of disposable cup available in Ghana.

Types Of Disposable Cups

Biodegradable: Biodegradable products are those that can be broken down spontaneously by microorganisms like bacteria or fungi and absorbed back into the ecosystem. These products are generally referred to as “green” or “eco-friendly” because they are mostly made up of naturally occurring constituent parts.

Compostable: Compostable items are those that can be placed in a mixture of decomposing biodegradable materials and eventually decompose into a nutrient-rich material. Compostable materials disintegrate and decay at the same rate as paper, with no hazardous pollutants released, making them a “green” alternative for your commercial firm.

Degradable: Degradable materials are oil-based and do not degrade in the same way as biodegradable products do. Rather, in anaerobic settings, degradable compounds are broken down through chemical processes. Water, carbon dioxide, biomass, or trace elements are produced as a result of their breakdown.

Recyclable: Simply put, recyclable means that a product can be reused and used for something new. The universal recycling logo/symbol should be displayed on the packaging to identify recyclable products.

Price Of Disposable Cups In Ghana

In Ghana, the prices of disposable cups range from as low as Ghc 20.00 to Ghc 200.00. The prices of disposable cups are hugely influenced by the number of cups in a package.  

Where To Buy Your Disposable Cups In Ghana

You can check the shops and websites listed below to purchase your disposable cup anywhere you are in Ghana. 

  • Melcom


We hope this article has served its purpose of helping you to know how much it will cost you to purchase disposable cups in Ghana.

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