Estimate For A 2 Bedroom House. January 2023

2 Bedroom House
2 Bedroom House

This post is going to serve as a complete guide for anyone who wants to know the estimate for a 2 bedroom house in Ghana. In other words, someone might ask, “what is the cost of constructing a 2 bedroom house in Ghana?” With the help of this article, you will find a detailed answer to that question.

A 2 Bedroom House In Ghana

Are you dreaming of getting your own 2 bedroom house this year or in the future? Keep reading to find out how much it will cost you to build one.

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A builder in Ghana who wants to be fair enough to you, will uncover all these building secrets to you. One obvious thing he will tell you is that, “building a house in Ghana is quite complicated but achievable”. 

For this reason, it will be more prudent to be abreast of the necessary informations about the kind of building you fancy. As a matter of fact, you need to know all these informations before constructors begin with your building project.

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Factors To Consider In Estimating The Cost Of A 2 Bedroom House

As we delve deeper, I want you to take note that, the estimate or cost of a 2 bedroom house, will depend on the following factors below:

  • Location: From the onset, the location of the construction will determine the cost of your building. For instance, in most cases, plots in most part of the Greater Accra region, are expensive than those in the Eastern part of Ghana. Therefore, where you want your house to be situated should be factored in when estimating the cost of your building.
  • Building Plan: Another major factor to consider when estimating the cost of a 2 bedroom house is the type of building plan. It will be more judicious to talk with an architect or a building constructor on this to know the cost of the building plan you might need.
  • Prices Of Building Materials: Don’t kick-start your building project without knowing the current prices of the building materials that will be needed. If you want the construction of your 2 bedroom house to be undertaken smoothly, then you need to know the cost of the building materials in order to draw your budget with based on the prices of the building materials.
  • Other Important Factors: The cost of obtaining a building permit, the type of finishing, roofing, amenities (e.g water, sand), the cost of paying workers (e.g carpenters, masons, etc) and others. 
Compartments In A Standard 2 Bedroom House

A standard 2 bedroom house has the following compartments:

  • A Living Room
  • Two Bed Rooms With Wardrobes
  • A Kitchen
  • A Laundry Room
  • A Cubicle
  • A Store-room
  • Two Washrooms
  • Balcony
  • Porch

Note: Some 2 bedroom houses may have more or less than these mentioned compartments depending on the type of building plan one opts for.

Cost Breakdown Of A 2 Bedroom House

For a glass floor area of 126 square meter. Below is an estimate.

Foundation: Ghana ¢ 40,798.00

Frame: Ghana ¢ 40,420.00

Envelope: GH ¢ 55,972.00

Services: GH ¢ 59,950.00

Finishes: GH ¢ 69,990.00

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In summary, what is the estimate of a 2 bedroom house in Ghana? The cost of building a 2 bedroom house in Ghana is GH ¢ 267,130.00 – GH 275,150. 00 with the exception of land cost, walling, fencing and etc.





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