How to Play Daywa Lotto, Short Code, Results & More. October 2022

Daywa Lotto Prediction


Daywa NLA Lotto

Welcome to Ghana Insider. Today, we are going to give you every detail you need to know about the popular daywa lotto in Ghana.

A lot of our users who have interest in Lottery in Ghana have asked us to write about daywa lottery and so we have put together this detailed article giving you every information you need to know.

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Summary of article.

  • What is daywa lotto?
  • How to play daywa lotto?
  • How to play daywa lotto on phone?
  • Where to get daywa lotto results everyday
  • How to win big
  • Daywa NLA Website, contacts and many more.
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What is daywa 5/39?

With Daywa, you select and play any 5 numbers between 1 and 39. When two or more of the numbers chosen draw, you have won.

It is a new jackpot lottery game brought into existing by the collaboration between the Ghana National Lottery Authority and Luck web.

Daywa is a daily jackpot lottery game which uses Europe and USA lottery methods.

Advantages of playing Daywa lottery

Everybody stands a chance of winning large amount of money no matter the type of ticket you buy.

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Meaning the smallest bet ticket stands a chance to win the top prize.

How to play Daywa jackpot lottery?

Similar to how to stake lotto on your phone using the NLA Code, you can stake daywa jackpot lotto by following the simple steps below. Its digital.



The Daywa code is *446#

  1. Dial *446#
  2. Select option 1 (Play DAYWA 5/39)
  3. Select 5 numbers from 1 – 39.
  4. Select a bet amount between GH₵ 2 (1 number combination) and GH₵ 20 (10 number combinations).
  5. Confirm your bet
  6. Pay via mobile money (MTN Mobile Money or Vodafone Cash)
  7. A ticket number will be sent to your via SMS
  8. You have successfully staked daywa lottery
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Daywa lottery results

The lotto results are announced 7pm dialy except Sundays and public holidays.

You can check their website for the results every day.

How is payment made

As soon as you win, payment is automatically sent into your mobile money account.


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About Lucky Web

LuckWeb Ghana Limited is a Ghanaian company and is part of TENLOT Group, a leading global lottery operator with operations across Africa, Latin America and Asia.

LuckWeb is a Collaborator of the National Lottery Authority (NLA), powering together exciting new games for the Ghanaian public.


  1. You only win by “Direct 1” when the number you chose is the first digit among the winning numbers. For instance, the winning number are : (13-15-57-2..) and your “direct 1” is ‘2’, you have lost! However, you win when the wininng digits are (2-15-57-13…). The digit chosen under the “direct 1” option should not only be included in the winning numbers but should be the first number in position among the winning numbers played. Thank you !

  2. In fact you daywa pple are not reliable everyone will hear from you..I stake one direct which 2 this thurdays 9th December 2021 and you guys text me mine digit did not match ..pls you better send me my money

  3. I played on Friday, 01-10-2021 and won I direct with two separate numbers but have not been paid as at this morning.
    my phone number is 0245386532

  4. I stake one direct yesterday 15/09/2021.TSN 3533536 with the number 8 which drop but only to be told that my number didn’t match. daywa 5/39 are scammers if not I want to get my money now or go let everybody know who you people are. I have more evidence.

  5. This is my number 12-9-17 I played on this week Monday and two numbers came that was 12 -17 but I have not seen anything
    And I us my Tigo phone number to played
    Up to now have not seen anything on my phone

  6. Please come clear with this DAYWA lotto game. I won direct 1 on 31/08/2021. But the system said my number didn’t mach. Check 20 drop in the numbers.

  7. Please yesterday I stake 13 around 7 and u guys told me it was for today … today 13 was part of the numbers but they still told me I didn’t win… I chose direct 1… please is there anyway to contact u pple

  8. Daywa NLA Daywa 5/39
    TSN 3245330 Price GHS 2
    Draw 507, 17/08/2021 7PM
    Dial *446#

    Can you confirm if I’ve won with the above ticket? I staked Ghs2.00.

  9. please i dont understand the daywa Becos i stake direct 5 numbers and u played it 39-16 out of the 5 numbers…..


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