Corinna Miazga’s Children. Full details

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Corinna Miazga was a well-known German politician who represented Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the Bundestag. Her life was marked by her dedication to politics, despite her health struggles.

Early Life and Education

Corinna Miazga was raised in Hude, Lower Saxony, after being born in Oldenburg, Germany, on May 17, 1983. Even though she didn’t complete her degree, her academic journey led her to pursue a legal education. Her formative years prepared her for a career in politics.


Following the 2017 German federal election, Corinna Miazga joined the Bundestag, marking the beginning of her political career. Her work on the Committee on European Union Affairs helped her gain recognition while serving as the state’s delegate for Bavaria. She started her political career by advocating for her party’s policy and members.

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There were setbacks and controversy during Miazga’s political career. In 2019, the Bavarian AfD state party leadership was questioned. Politician Tom Rohrböck supported Miazga’s candidacy for state chairman.

Rumor has it that Rohrböck intentionally pushed her into the race, leading an opponent to quit just before voting. Despite reports to the contrary, she denied that Rohrböck’s backing had a major influence on Miazga’s win.

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In November 2020, Corinna Miazga disclosed that she had received a breast cancer diagnosis, posing a personal challenge. Her health prompted her to decide to resign as chairperson of the AfD Bavaria. She showed her perseverance and commitment by continuing to represent her clients despite health issues.

In the 2021 Bundestag election in Straubing, Miazga finished second, displaying her dedication to her fans and her party. Despite her health concerns, she remained dedicated to serving her people’s interests.

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Sadly, Corinna Miazga’s attempt to be re-elected as the leader of the Bavarian party was unsuccessful, as Stephan Protschka emerged victorious in October 2021.

Who are Corinna Miazga’s Children?

Corinna keeps her family issues out of the public. However, the information about her children.

When did Corinna Miazga Die?

Corinna Miazga lost her heartbreaking fight with breast cancer on February 25, 2023. At the age of 39, she died.


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