Cheyenne Ochsenknecht Ex-Boyfriend; All You Need To Know

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Who Is Cheyenne Ochsenknecht?

Cheyenne Savannah Ochsenknecht was born on July 6, 2000, in Munich, Germany.

Her mother, model Natascha Ochsenknecht, and father, actor Uwe Ochsenknecht, are both well-known members of the entertainment industry. Wilson Gonzalez and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht are her two older brothers, and she also has a half-brother named Rocco Stark.

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht
Cheyenne Ochsenknecht

Cheyenne made her acting debut in the 2005 movie “Die Wilden Kerle 2” with her two brothers at the tender age of five. She later made an appearance in 2008’s “Hey Jimi” music video by her brother.

At the age of 16, Cheyenne began her modelling career in 2016. She was on the cover of the German edition of Grazia magazine that same year and walked the runway at Berlin Fashion Week for the clothing line Riani.

She developed her career as a model further and even walked the runway during Paris Fashion Week in 2017.

Cheyenne also kept up her acting career. She portrayed an “Instagram girl” in the 2018 television series “Just Push Abuba.”

Additionally, she had an appearance in 2019 on the TV programme “Celebrity Shopping Queen” and was highlighted in the personality documentary “7 Daughters,” where she spoke candidly about her upbringing in the spotlight.

Cheyenne and Evgeny Vinokurov competed in the 15th season of the well-known dancing competition show “Let’s Dance” in February/March 2022. She, unfortunately, lost in the second episode.

Since 2019, Cheyenne has been dating Austrian Nino Sifkovits outside of her job. They got married in 2022 and have two children together, a daughter born in 2021 and a son born in 2023.

Cheyenne has been able to forge her own path throughout her acting and modelling careers while remaining a member of a well-known family. She keeps pursuing her interests and building a reputation for herself in the entertainment sector.

In conclusion, Cheyenne Savannah Ochsenknecht, born on July 6, 2000, is a German model and former child actor.

Her family has a significant role in the entertainment business, and she has distinguished herself through her modelling and acting careers. Despite her notoriety, she keeps a level head and is committed to developing a great career for herself.

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht Ex-Boyfriend; All You Need To Know

Nino de Angelo is the ex-boyfriend of Cheyenne Ochsenknecht. German singer-songwriter Nino de Angelo is well-known for his hit songs from the 1980s, which helped him become more well-known.

Before she began dating Nino Sifkovits, he and Cheyenne were romantically involved. Given that Nino de Angelo is much older than Cheyenne, their relationship attracted notice because of their age disparity.

Despite the fact that their relationship didn’t work out, fans continued to be interested in their dynamics.

Despite their breakup, Nino de Angelo and Cheyenne have both moved on and are still pursuing their individual careers.

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