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Charly Berger was a German actor. He was known to have been born on November 19, 1881. He was born in Fahrland but died on April 28, 1945, in Potsdam. It must be noted that Charly Berger was the son of Carl Berger and Anna. Carl Berger was a butcher.

Charly Berger made an entry into the film business or industry in 1913. He was said to have appeared in over 100 films between 1913 and 1945. Even though his appearances were in different films by different directors, he was said to have been featured by Harry Piel more often.

His presence was felt in the era of silent films as well as in the era of sound films.

Some of the films Charly Berger made appearances include 1913: S1, 1913: The Suffragette, 1915: The common thread, 1916: The Trail of Tears, 1922: The black envelope, 1925: The Secret of Old Mamsell, 1926: The Black Pierrot, 1926: What’s going on in the Beely circus?, 1927: Mystery of a Night, 1927: His biggest bluff, 1928: The Carmen of St. Pauli, 1929: The midnight tax, 1929: Men without a job, 1929: His best friend, 1930: Attention! – Car thieves! , 1930: Him or Me and 1931: Shadows of the Underworld.

Others are 1932: The Secret Agent, 1932: The Ship without a Port, 1933: The Ugly Girl, 1933: North Pole – Ahoy!, 1933: An invisible man walks through the city, 1934: Economic Knight, 1934: Love, Death and the Devil, 1936: 90 minute stay, 1937: The Irresistible and 1937: Vacation on honor.
It must be noted that Charly Berger died in the final days of World War II. This was when Potsdam was captured by the Red Army.

Charly Berger’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

Details about his wife and children are unavailable.

Charly Berger’s Net Worth

His Net worth is yet to be updated.

Charly Berger’s Age, Birth Date

Charly Berger was born on November 19, 1881. He died at the age of 63.

Charly Berger’s Parents

He was born to Carl Berger and Anna.

Charly Berger’s Biography, Wikipedia

His details are available on Wikipedia.

Charly Berger’s Height, Weight

His height and weight are not available.

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