Cause of Death of Piero Angela: Full Details

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Piero Angela was born on December 22 1928 and he was an Italian writer, pianist, television host and science journalist.

It must be noted that Piero Angela started off as a radio reporter. Subsequently, he moved on to become a foreign correspondent and soon became the host of the RAI newscast.

He is well-known as the creator and presenter of broadcasting programmes modelled on BBC. He worked on a number of scientific articles(journalism) that got published. Interestingly, Piero Angela was able to write as many as 33 books and he sold over 3 million copies.

He received many honorary degrees and created over 60 documentaries as well as hundreds of television episodes. Over the years that Piero Angela was active, he won seven Telegattos and 8 national television directing awards.

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Piero Angela was born to Neila Maglia and Carlo Angela in Turin. Carlo Angela was an anti-fascist Doctor. He was awarded the Medal of the Righteous Among the Nations. This happened on August 29, 2001.

When Piero Angela was just a year old, pneumonia nearly ended his life. Later in life, he had a broken leg reconstructed and it was done without anaesthesia. He also underwent appendicitis surgery at the age of 12.

The surgery took two and a half hours to complete due to some complications. Concerning education, Piero Angela attended the Classical High School in Turin.

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Even though he did well in all his studies, it was surprising to note that he only did the minimum work required.

The education received by Piero Angela was a very Piedmontese education; rigid with strict principles mixed up with diffidence. Piero Angela states that he was a bad student and got mortally bored in school most time.

Piero Angela started having lessons in piano when he was 7 years old. With time, he developed the love for jazz music. As of 1948, he played in various jam sessions in Turin jazz clubs using the name Peter Angela. He got an invitation from entrepreneur Sergio Bernardini in 1948 to play on the opening night of the Capannina in Viareggio. He founded a jazz trio with drummer Franco Mondini and others.

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Cause of Death of Piero Angela

Before the death of Piero Angela, he was the host of TV program, Super Quark. However, he died in Rome on August 13, 2022. He died at the age of 93 and his death was due to illness. The death of Piero Angela was reported on social media by his son, Alberto. His body was cremated.

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