Carlos Thompson’s Cause Of Death; Full Details

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Carlos Thompson’s career spanned both Hollywood and European cinema, and he made a significant impact in the span of his acting career.

Although he transitioned into other endeavours later in life, his talent and charm will always be remembered by cinema enthusiasts worldwide.

Carlos Thompson’s Biography

Juan Carlos Mundin-Schaffter, better known as Carlos Thompson, was born on June 7, 1923, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was of German and Swiss descent.

In Argentina, where he began his acting career, Thompson starred in both theatre and screen productions.

He made the decision to try his luck in Hollywood in the 1950s. Once there, his portrayal as a European womaniser was frequently used as his hallmark.

His famous Hollywood films include “Valley of the Kings” (1954), with Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker, and “Flame and the Flesh” (1954), with Lana Turner and Pier Angeli. Thompson played Franz Liszt in the 1955 film “Magic Fire” alongside Yvonne De Carlo, Rita Gam, and Valentina Cortese.

Following his time in Hollywood, Thompson relocated to Europe and acted in a number of German films.

He was most well-known, nevertheless, to English-speaking audiences for his role as Carlos Varela in the 1963 ITC Entertainment television series “The Sentimental Agent.”

Thompson made the decision to leave performing in the late 1960s and move into writing and television production.

With “The Assassination of Winston Churchill” in 1969, he experienced his first literary triumph in Europe.

The book acted as a debunking of the claims made by David Irving and Rolf Hochhuth that Winston Churchill was responsible for the World War II death of Polish General Wadysaw Sikorski.

Carlos Thompson’s personal life was active in addition to his professional life. He wed Lilli Palmer, an actress of German descent, in 1957, not long after she’d split from Rex Harrison. Till Thompson’s passing in 1986, Palmer and Thompson remained wed.

Thompson had a romantic involvement with Mexican actress Mara Félix before he married Lilli Palmer.

They crossed paths in 1952 while “La pasión desnuda” was being filmed in Argentina. Their relationship progressed to the point of engagement, and Félix even introduced Thompson to Enrique lvarez Félix, her son.

However, their marriage preparations were derailed when Félix got a key role in “The Rapture” and called off their nuptials just a few days before of time.

Carlos Thompson’s Cause Of Death

Tragically, Carlos Thompson committed suicide on October 10, 1990, in Buenos Aires, four years after the passing of his wife. He shot himself in the head to death.




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