Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Cake Shops In Koforidua. Full Details. May 2023

If you reside in Koforidua and you are looking to get some cakes for your wedding, birthday party or anniversary, then this is the right place for you to be.

This article will take you through the various cake shops in Koforidua that can produce your dream cake to light up your ceremony. 

Below are the list and addresses of some of the highly-rated cake shops in Koforidua. 

Tommydor Cake koforidua

Tommydor cake should be your number stop shop for cakes anytime you find yourself in Koforidua because they offer some of the best cakes designs you can ever have in the country. Tommydor Cake do both takeaway and delivery services. 

Address: Koforidua

Phone: 024 381 1765


Emilys Bakes

Emily Bakes produces some of the best traditional recipe cakes in Koforidua. They are located near Modern Launderers & company. Emilys bakes do both delivery and takeaway services in case you cannot go there in person for your cake. 

Phone: 024 363 9033


Flora Cake Deco and Catering Services

Located at 36 Liberty Street, Adweso, Koforidua. Flora cake deco and catering service have one of best customer service you can think of. 

Phone: 026 681 4171

Joycelyn Fit Cake And Catering Services

Located at the former Labour office, Koforidua, Joycelyn Fit cake and catering service will make your dream cake design come to reality. They do both takeaway and delivery services. 

Phone: 026 779 4312


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