Brazilian Hair Price List In Ghana

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Brazilian Human Hair

Brazilian hair is one of the most admired and popular hair brands in Ghana. They are usually soft and curly. Well, this is not much of a surprise because, Brazilian human hair extensions are highly patronized by majority of beautiful ladies. 

One main reason why many women fancy Brazilian human hair extensions is that, you can dye it, perm it and also, style it the way you want it to look like.

In this post, you will get to know the Brazilian hair price list in Ghana.

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Grades Of Brazilian Hairs

In this case, I want to point out to you that, Brazilian human hair extensions, equally have different quality grades. Basically, there are three (3) grades of Brazilian human hair extensions. They are: virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair.

The Brazilian virgin hair has to do with the “hair bundles” that are totally cut from hair donors. It does not undergo much processing. Moreover, the hair cuticles are lined up in the same direction.

Also, Remy hair has to do with “hair bundles” that are partly cut from hair donors. Similar to virgin hair, the cuticles of remy hair are lined up in the same direction however, they can be manually adjusted.

Virgin hair can be cut as complete ponytails, but remy hair can’t be.

The last grade here is the non-remy hair. They are less appealing. Their cuticles are lined up in the opposite direction and this make them to tangle easily.

You may admire the the Brazilian virgin hair since it appears to be the best hair among the trior. However, it is not common and, it is expensive.

Brazilian Hair Price List In Ghana

As mentioned earlier, there are different grades of Brazilian human hair extensions out there. Each grade comes with its price.

A kinky straight virgin hair ( 2 pieces) will cost around GH ¢ 550. Also, a Brazilian Remy human hair will cost around GH ¢ 330. Take note that, the prices stated here can change overtime.

Where To Buy A Brazilian Human Hair In Ghana

The prices may change overtime since these are estimated prices. You can check jumia, ghanabuysell, lozap for different varieties of Brazilian human hairs and their prices.


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