Bernhard Brink Children; All You Need To Know

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Who Is Bernhard Brink?

Bernhard Brink is a German pop singer, television, and radio presenter. He was born on May 17, 1952, in Nordhorn, Germany

Brink, an architect’s son, first relocated to Berlin in the early 1970s to pursue a legal education. But he abandoned his education to focus on a musical career.

Bernhard Brink
Bernhard Brink

Brink and Hansa Records penned his first record contract in 1971. In 1972, he made his debut on television during the ZDF hit parade. He has twelve singles that were successful in the German sales charts between 1974 and 1981.

His biggest hit on the charts was “Temporary Love,” a well-liked cover of Ricky King’s “Le rêve,” which peaked at number 13. With his translations of English-language pop songs, Brink rose to fame.

He frequently worked with songwriters like Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman.

As the popularity of German hits waned in the 1980s, Brink shifted to lesser record companies. Despite a drop in his popularity at the time, he kept releasing songs and frequently competed in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Additionally, he wrote songs with writers like Dieter Bohlen and sang duets with people like Gilda and Ireen Sheer.

Brink made the switch to a profession as a hit-related radio and television presenter in the 1990s. He served as the host of shows including “Schlager des Jahres” and “Das Deutsche Schlager-Magazin.”

His music career was aided by this part, which also helped him regain recognition. He finished second in 1991’s First German Song Festival with the song “Geh (eh I lose my head).”

A spokesperson for the German José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation, he also took on this role.
Throughout his career, Brink has taken part in a number of TV shows and occasions, such as “Let’s Dance” and the ProSieben dodgeball championship.

Additionally, he has made cameo appearances in films including “Horst Schlämmer – Isch candidates!” He gave Florian Silbereisen the reins of “Die Schlager des Sommers” in 2016 after announcing his departure.

Brink married Ute in 1987, and the two of them now reside in Berlin. Throughout his career, Brink has received a number of honours, such as the “Golden Tuning Fork” and the “Golden Nuremberg Funnel” from the Nuremberg Funnel Carnival Society.

Bernhard Brink Children; All You Need To Know

Bernhard Brink does not have any children at the time that this article was been written.

He is known to be a very private person who prefers to keep some part of his life private and away from the media and public.

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