Barbara Di Giacinto Cause of Death: Full Details

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Barbara Di Giacinto was the Medical Director of the Sports Medicine Institute of Sports and Health. She was also the Doctor of the CONI delegation at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Barbara Di Giacinto also served as Team Medical Liaison Officer for the EURO 2020 European football championships. It must be noted that Barbara Di Giacinto has authored numerous studies that have been published in some of the most important international scientific journals over the years.

Barbara Di Giacinto also served as Secretary of the FIC Medical Commission. She was a member of the federal medical staff that followed the national teams on several occasions.

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She was married with a husband and had two children; Giulia and Lorenzo.
It must be noted that Barbara Di Giacinto was born in 1976. She is one person who was ambitious to reach heights or levels which was seen as the prerogative of men.

She is one doctor who practiced her profession with a spirit of service. Some of her publications focus on cardiological adaptations induced by sports activity.

Barbara Di Giacinto is very keen on the subject of respect and she teaches her children. She teaches her children about self-respect; the need for them to feel free and express their opinion, the freedom of choice as well as the acquisition of knowledge through studying.

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She also teaches her children to have respect for others, show kindness to other people and most importantly, care about the needs of other people.
Barbara Di Giacinto is also focused on the respect for the world.

Barbara Di Giacinto Cause of Death

The cause of death of Barbara Di Giacinto is yet to be updated.
Barbara Di Giacinto has since 2006 been a member of the medical commission of the Italian Rowing Federation and a doctor responsible for the national teams during national and international rallies.

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Since January 2007 she has been a member of the Institute of Sports Medicine and Science in Rome. It must be noted that in October 2006 Barbara Di Giacinto obtained a specialization in Sports Medicine at “La Sapienza” and had collaboration with the university from 1998 to 2006 with the Department of Human Physiology, with a particular commitment to cardiopulmonary tests for the evaluation of oxygen consumption.


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