Audrey Mestre Cause of Death: Full Details

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Audrey Mestre was born on August 11, 1974, and was a French world record-setting freediver. It must be noted that Audrey Mestre was born in Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint Denis .

Her family was full of people who had much love for snorkeling and scuba diving. Audrey Mestre took to swimming interestingly when she was a baby.

She became an expert in scuba diving when she turned 13. However, she did not get full certification until she turned 16 based on French law.

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Later on, her family moved to Mexico City. She was quite fluent in the Spanish language. Audrey Mestre attended a University in La Paz, Mexico and she read a course in Marine Biology.

Audrey Mestre Cause of Death

Audrey Mestre died in October 2002. Her death came up as she tried to break the 160-meter no limits free-diving world record. The world record had been set by Tanya Streeter on August 17, 2002. She died as a result of drowning.

Audrey Mestre Relationship

Due to the level of interest Audrey Mestre had in underwear sports, she met free diver Francisco Ferreras.

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A relationship developed between the two of them and sooner than later, Audrey Mestre moved to Miami, Florida to live with Francisco Ferreras.

They eventually got married in 1999 and a year later, Audrey Mestre broke the female world record by free diving to a depth of 125 meters on a single breath of air.

She broke her own record a year later when she dived to a depth of 130 meters.

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Awards and Honours

In 2022, Audrey Mestre was inducted posthumously into the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

Later in August 2004, her husband also published a book that tells the story of Audrey Mestre. The title of the book was The Dive: A Story of Love and Obsession.

The life of Audrey Mestre was also captured in ESPN’s No Limits as part of their Nine for IX series. This was in 2013.

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