Are Joe And Padma Siblings In Real Life? All You Need To Know

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Are Joe and Padma of Ginny & Georgia siblings in real life? A lot of fans of the Netflix series are a bit confused as to whether Joe and Padma are indeed siblings in real life. Hence in this write up, we will furnish you with all the information there is to know about Joe and Padma of Ginny & Georgia.

Who Are Joe and Padma? 

Joe and Padma are characters in an American comedy-drama TV series released on Netflix titled “Ginny & Georgia. Joe is a main character in the series played by Raymond Ablack.

He is the owner of a local restaurant known as Blue Farm Café whereas Padma is a character played by Rebecca. Padma’s role in the series is a recurring one and happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Marcus Baker which is played by Felix Mallard.

Fans started to wonder if these two are related by blood after they started appearing together in season two. Their striking resemblance was the main reason why fans started speculating about the relationship between them.

So are Joe and Padma really siblings in real life?

Are Joe And Padma Siblings In Real Life? 

Yes. Joe and Padma of Netflix comedy-drama series Ginny & Georgia are siblings in real life. Joe is known in real life as Raymond Ablack whereas Padma is known in real life as Rebecca Ablack.

Raymond Ablack is the oldest of four siblings with Rebecca being the third. They have a sister named Cassandra Ablack and Jared Ablack.

Who Is Raymond Ablack? 

Raymond Ablack is a Canadian actor and comedian born on November 12, 1989 in Toronto, Ontario.

Despite developing interest in acting as a child, Ablack was still an active hockey player while growing up. He started his acting career by appearing in advertisements and commercials as a child actor.

He eventually landed a role as Young Simba in The Lion King, a theater production at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto. Since then, he has landed several starring and guest roles in films and series such as Teenagers (2014-2017), Stay the Night (2022), Workin’ Moms (2023), Shadowhunters (2016-2018) etc. 

Who Is Rebecca Ablack? 

Rebecca Ablack is a Canadian actress born on November 8, 2000 in Canada. She is the second younger sister of Raymond Ablack who played Joe alongside her in the series Ginny & Georgia.

She has an older sister named Cassandra Ablack and a brother named Jared Ablack.

Rebecca has gained a lot of recognition for her reccuring role in Ginny & Georgia as Padma. But aside that, she has been cast in a few films as well.

Her list of films include Let it Snow (2019), Impulse, Luckiest Girl Alive (2022), etc.

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