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Being a waitress at a reputable hotel, restaurant or a bar can be very lucrative. The restaurant business has been growing of late since most people tend to see the need not to be always getting the woman busy in the kitchen preparing something for the family.

For this reason, it has become quite a competition for bar and restaurant operators to drive these masses to their place to eat.

One of the key methods bars and restaurants are using to get the market is better serving services. Everybody desires to be served right and honorably. For this reason, hiring a waitress has become one thing restaurant owners pay much attention to.

This is why one must present himself good when applying and the only way to present yourself good without you personally being around is through your application letter. A proper application letter foretells a lot about you and makes you stand out ahead of others in the quest to secure a job. So how do you write a proper application letter?

In this article, we are going to show you how to write an application letter for a waitress job. 

Qualities of a proper application letter are;

Your Age
Your Skill
Work Experience
Email if you have any
Your CV must include some vital information you think can help you land the job. Try not to put any false information on it. Be honest.

Application For Employment As A Waitress

                                                                                                           [Your Address]

[Employers Address]

Dear Sir/Madam

                                 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AS A WAITRESS

I consider it a great honor to have the opportunity of writing to seek employment as a waitress in your company. I have worked as a waitress for so many years and consider myself one of the best when it comes to this job.

I ensure maximum concentration whenever I am at work. I make sure I am giving out my best to the growth of whatever company I am working in. I am always prepared to face any challenges that may evolve from my field and render solution to it. I am always ready to respond to an emergency call and offer my maximum assistance.

I am regular, punctual, calm, and hardworking. I am able to work calmly under pressure. I am a good team player and the best at multi-tasking. I can handle several customers at a go making sure they all receive the best of waitress service.

I believe this application of mine shall be given the maximum considerations worthy enough to get me this job. Thank you.
[Yours faithfully]
[Your name]
[Your phone]

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