Angelika Behnke’s Children. Who Are They? Full Details

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It must be noted that Angelika Behnke has been serving as the Pastor at Dresden’s Frauenkirche for some years now. Interestingly, she is the first woman to hold this position.

She began her service as the new pastor of the Frauenkirche and it is to be noted that every single task that comes with the new service brings her joy. Angelika Behnke feels very brave and daring at Dresden and it is very evident whenever she mounts the pulpit to speak the Word of God. Interestingly, years back,   Angelika Behnke never imagined or dreamed of becoming a pastor.

She is said to be grown in Brandenburg and she was quite reserved so far as her faith was concerned. Regardless, she was committed to the church and its activities. Angelika Behnke was the only child from her class to go to confirmation. It is reported that she experienced so much pressure from her teachers as well as the SED community. But in all these, her parents gave her all the support she needed.

Angelika Behnke initially wanted to become a seamstress.  Having a career as a costume designer seemed very exciting for Angelika Behnke. But as things would turn out to be, a teacher decided to help her and gave her the chance to graduate from high school.  Angelika Behnke began studying with the intention of becoming an interpreter for Russian and Italian. She experienced excitement in the study or Theology when she took a lecture on Old Testament. Her priest expressed his confidence in her if she decided to study Theology.

With the passage of time, Angelika Behnke started studying Theology and made use of her passion for language, art, music and archaeology. She completed her vicariate in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin. Afterwards, she took up the Adult Faith project position in the Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia Church. She developed faith courses for adults.

It must be noted that when she preaches, she sometimes gets unpleasant feedback. She respectfully reacts to criticism and most importantly, she has the support of the foundation and partners of the church.

Angelika Behnke’s Children. Who Are They?

Information on the children of Angelika Behnke is yet to be updated.

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