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By | June 16, 2022

Here are some tricky National Science And Maths Quiz (NSMQ) riddles for you. Get through these riddles to see how best you can tackle them. Place the answers in the comments section below. In case you need the answers, let us know. For now, let’s get started. 

National Science And Maths Quiz (NSMQ) Riddles

Riddles have been part of the National Science And Maths Quiz competition for decades now. The riddles section usually comes at round five (5) of the NSMQ competition. 

It goes this way: During round five (5), the contesting schools are given clues. The competing schools battle each other to find the solutions to the riddles.

The school that gets the correct answer for the first clue gets five (5) points. Four (4) points are awarded to the school that get the second clue correct and then, three (3) points are awarded to the school that answers the third question or clue. Other subsequent clues equally fetch three (3) points. Usually, there are four (4) riddles in round five (5) of the competition.

NSMQ Riddles Examples


1. I am a branch of mathematics.

2. l am Arabic in origin.

3. I am an Arithmetic involving letters and numbers.

4. I involve equations, formulae, identities, operations and expressions.

5. I am a problem in which one or more quantity is unknown.

6. You can say l am a Generalised Arithmetic.

Who am l ?


1. I am associated with electromagnetic waves.

2. By me you can obtain energy of an object.

3. I am a universal constant.

4. My value is the same for all electromagnetic waves.

5. No material object is known to have a speed greater than my value.

Who am l ?


1. I am a type of gas.

2. Although l am well described in scientific literature, l do not exist in reality.

3. Ordinary gases behave approximately like me sometimes.

4. However, their behaviour deviates from mine when you cool them sufficiently.

5. I am the type of gas that never condenses.

Who am l ?


1. I am a way a triangle.

2. However l have no segments or angles to boast of.

3. Strict l am a triangular array of integers.

4. Each row symmetric which begins and ends with one.

5. My members are binomial coefficients.

6. My name suggests l am someone’s triangle. 

Who am l ?


1. In a way I am a bridge.

2. I am just a line segment.

3. I connect two points on a curve.

4. In particular I connect two points on a circle.

5. When I pass through the centre of a circle l am a diameter. 

Who am l ?


1. I was inverted in the 1960s.

2. I am well-known for the light l produce.

3. My light is monochromatic and coherent.

4. It has high intensity and low divergence .

5. Because of these properties, it is used in cutters ,DVD players and surgery.

Who am l?


1. I am a three digit odd number.

2. My digits are just two consecutive integers.

3. My digits are simply binomial coefficients.

4. I am a square of a set of binomial coefficients.

5. My first and last digits are identical and an identity.

6. The sum of my digits is 4.

 Who am l ?


1. I occur widely in animal tissues and also a few plants and algae.

2. l am therefore a natural product and can exist in nature as a free compound or an ester of fatty acids.

3. To humans l am part of their diet but l can be synthesized in the liver.

4. As part of the blood of animals, l belong to the general class of lipo proteins.

5. As a complex of a protein, l am used in building up cell membranes.

6. Too much of me in the blood though may lead to the narrowing of blood vessels.

7. l am found in bile acids, sex hormones and a source of vitamin D3. 

Who am l ?


1. There are two important laws in science standing in my name .

2. I was born in 1791 in South London into a poor family.

3. For that reason l could only receive formal education up to the basic level.

4. But l did not lose hope ,l educated myself by reading science textbooks.

5. In my active years l made significant contribution to the field of electromagnetic induction, electrical transformers , electric generation and electrochemistry.

6. I retiredas Professor of chemistry. 

Who am l ?


1. I was born in Germany in 1879.

2. As a physicist, l have many accomplishment.

3. l was the first to solve the problem of electron emission from illuminated surfaces.

4. For this achievement l was awarded the Nobel prize in Physics.

5. However , l am better known for my formula E=mc^2 which relates mass to energy.

Who am l ?

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