Airport View Hotel Pool Price

By | September 16, 2022

Know the booking fee for Airport View Hotel and then also, the cost of Airport View Hotel’s pool.

Airport View Hotel is situated in Ghana’s capital town, Accra and it’s a two minutes drive away from the Kotoka International Airport, twelve minutes away from Accra Centre for national culture, eight minutes to Marina Mall, twelve minutes from Palace mall, fifteen minutes from the National theatre, eight minutes to Accra mall and seventeen minutes away from Accra Sports Stadium.

The hotel under discussion prides itself as a native Ghanaian hospitality hub of excellence. With over two decades of experience in hospitality services, the hotel has immensely contributed to the outgr of tourism and business in Ghana. 

As mentioned earlier, we’re going to let you more about Airport View Hotel — their booking fee and pool price. 

About Airport View Hotel

Established on 1st April, 2002, Airport View Hotel has undergone series of expansion projects. The hotel has a capacity of 101 comfortable rooms consisting of executive plus, executive suite, deluxe twin, deluxe room, standard twin and standard rooms. The hotel is committed to constant reconditions in other to ensure their customers experience the state of the art and ultramodern facilities while holding on to inclusive service standards in the hospitality industry.

Below are some installations available at Airport View Hotel:

  • Six (6) Conference Rooms — 525 maximum sitting capacity
  • Board room — 20 maximum sitting capacity
  • Coffee Lounge
  • One hundred and thirty (130) Capacity Morden restaurant
  • Heated Swimming Pool With A Pool Bar
  • An interactive And Picturesque Rooftop Lounge
  • Gymnasium
  • Massage Parlour
  • Hotel Gift Shop
  • Forex Bureau
  • Vehicle Rental
  • Travel Services
  • An Airport Lounge

Facilities Of Airport View Hotel

Not less than one hundred and one (101) Rooms, six (6) Conference Venues And Four (4) Restaurants, A Gymnasium, Vehicle Rental, A Forex Bureau, A Board Room (20 plus sitting capacity), Outdoor pool, Indoor pool, Fitness center, Bar Or Lounge, Free Wi-Fi, Coffee machine, Free airport shuttle, Business center, Flat-screen TV And A Lot More. 

Airport View Hotel Price

Please use the link here to view the price of Airport View Hotel

Airport View Hotel Pool Price

There are top-notch pools available at Airport View Hotel. The hotel has both an indoor and an outdoor pool. Also, there is a heated swimming pool with a pool bar. If you have already booked for the hotel, then you are at liberty to enjoy these fascinating pools. 

Contact Information Of Airport View Hotel

You can reach Airport View Hotel using the following numbers below:

  • (+233) 302 780 342
  • (+233) 202 252 226
  • (+233) 302 769 594
  • (+233) 302 780 341
  • (+233) 302 780 342


Yet still, you can email Airport View Hotel thru: 

[email protected]

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