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Air hostess is one of the lucrative careers in the world now. Aside the huge salaries, there are many benefits air hostess can get. Continue reading to discover all that you need to know about air hostess in Ghana. The article captures what an air hostess is, how to become an air hostess in Ghana and the various air hostess schools in Ghana.

An air hostess is simply a woman steward on an airplane and in other terms, it is equivalent to a “flight attendant”. Technically, they are collectively referred to as cabin crew. Men equally have the opportunity to become members of the aircrew on board as they can work as stewards as well. Therefore, not only females can work as flight attendants.

The basic duty of an air hostess is to ensure that, the passengers are safe and comfortable. These include: reviewing safety practises before the plane take off, getting passengers what they have requested for, serving drinks and food and then, ensuring that the passengers are comfortable.

Again, air hostess conduct various checks during the flight, instruct the passengers when the plane is about to land and then, assist in getting the passengers out of the plane when it arrives at the airport.

An air hostess can be promoted to a higher rank such as, a Senior Flight Attendant and Head Attendant.

How To Become An Air Hostess In Ghana

Just like any other job, there are specific qualities and qualifications that anyone who wants to become an air hostess must have before they are recruited. Due to how competitive this sector is, anyone who wants to become an air hostess in Ghana, must meet the requirements below.

  • Education: The primary requirement here is education. One has to possess at least, a degree in their field of study however, those with degrees in tourism, hospitality or management, have the upper hand.
  • Moreover, applicants have to enroll in an aviation training school whether they possess a degree or not. Those without degrees have the chance of becoming flight attendants provided they have taken some prime training courses.
  • Applicants age and marital status: In Ghana, one has to be at least 18 years old. Most airline companies prefer unmarried women as flight attendants however, married women can be recruited as well.
  • Physique: This counts less but necessary. An air hostess is expected to have a minimum height of 5ft 2 inches or 157 cm.
  • Medicals: One must have a sound mind, a good eyesight and should not be suffering from any other illness.
  • Language: Some international airline companies prefer their cabin crew to be proficient in at least, two foreign languages such as Spanish or French.
  • Valid International Passport: Applicants must posses a valid Ghanaian passport.
  • Survival Training: Applicants ought to undergo survival training to equip them in event of a disaster.

Air Hostess Training Schools In Ghana

1. Mish Aviation

Mish Aviation has been registered in 2006 to run its operations. They are into Air Transport, Aviation Personnel/Flight Training and Aviation Consultancy Services.


The institution is located in Tema, Accra. You can contact them on +233 (0) 302 91 63 50. Also, you can email them at [email protected] for any enquires concerning enrollment and other services.

2. International School of Aviation

The institution was founded in Nigeria in April, 1984. However, they have extended their territory by establishing other campuses in Africa of which Ghana appears to be part. In Ghana alone, they have 3 campuses and these are in Tema, Ho and Kumasi.

For enquires, call them on: (Kumasi campus) 0322091563 and 0277522528, (Tema campus) 030-21683 and 027-7524849.

3. Global Institute Of Aviation

The institution was founded by Mr Lawrence Baafi in June 200 with some few number of students however, the number of attendants increased by 2004.

Currently, the institution gives certificates that are awarded by international bodies. Meaning, their students study the courses of these international learning centers. The institutions and courses below.

  • International Air Transport Association/ United Federation of Travel Agents Association
  • (IATA/UFTAA) in Canada for Travel and Tourism (Diploma) Courses.
  • International Air Transport Association, International Federation of Freight Forwarders
  • Association, (IATA/FIATA) in Canada for Cargo (Diploma) Courses.
  •  Educational Institute of America Hotel and Lodging Association (EI AH & LA) in the United States of America for Hotel Management (Diploma) Courses.
  •  International Air Transport Association (IATA) for Aviation Management Courses.
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However, the institution gives local certificates to its student upon successful completion.

Global Institute Of Aviation is located at Adabraka, Accra. You can contact them via 0302233991 and 0244282236 for enquires.

4. Institute of Aviation and Professional Studies

Institute of Aviation and Professional Studies was founded by Godson Ankor who appears to be an economist and a travel consultant as well. The institution was established in October, 2004 however, it was fully recognized and registered in October, 2004.

It is located in Takoradi. For enquires, you can call them on +233-(0)3121- 925 72 / 0244 88 69 29. Also, you can email them at [email protected].

5. Ghana CAA Aviation Training Academy

Ghana civil aviation training academy was founded in 2008 to provide practicable aviation training in Africa and beyond.

You can find them in Accra, Ghana. For enquires, call +233 302 776171 Ext. 1590 / 1591, +233 246 038. You can equally email them at [email protected].

6. APTECH Aviation & Hospitality Academy

APTECH Aviation & Hospitality Academy is one of the best schools out there. Their education is solely based on aviation, tourism, hospitality and travel.

For enquires, call these lines; 0302976144 and 0509400366.

7. Buckman Aviation

It is located in Kaneshie, Accra. For informations related to admission requirements and other issues, contact them on +233 28 506 2667 or +233 54 296 6257. You can also email them at [email protected] for any enquires.


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