Agnes Durer Cause of Death: Full Details

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Agnes Durer was born in 1475 and she was the wife of the German artist, Albrecht Durer. She was also the daughter of the coppersmith and lute maker, Hans Frey and Anna. Anna was a member of the Patrician family Rummel.

Agnes Durer got married to Albrecht Durer on July 7, 1494. Albrecht was forced to end his tour of Europe by his parents so he could marry Agnes Durer. Agnes Durer had the responsibility of marketing and promoting the prints of Albrecht Durer.

She and Albrecht normally made time to attend fairs in order to sell their engravings. They also sold their works at the Nuremberg weekly market.

Agnes Durer and Albrecht Durer also participated in fairs in Leipzig and Frankfurt. For the period between September 1505 and May 1506, Agnes Durer did not get back to her hometown after a visit to Frankfurt. This was due to the breakout of the plague in Nuremberg.

Death of Agnes Durer And Husband

Agnes Durer’s husband died but she went ahead to market and sell his works. This was confirmed by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor in 1528 with his purchase of Dürer’s book Of Human proportions. Agnes Durer also died in 1539. She died in 1539. The cause of her death is yet to be updated.

Other Details

Agnes Durer and Albrecht Durer traveled to the Netherlands in 1520 and 1521. The marriage between Agnes Durer and Albrecht Durer did not yield any children.

It is also worth noting that their marriage wasn’t quite a happy one. Albrecht Durer made this known in a letter he quipped to Willibald Pirckheimer in a bad tone about Agnes Durer.

Agnes Durer was referred to as an old crow by Albrecht Durer and he also described her with some vulgar remarks. An author believed Agnes Durer was bisexual if not homosexual.


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