Accra Mall Shops, Jobs, Opening Hours, Address And Contact Details

Accra Mall as it is popularly known, is a shopping centre in Accra, Ghana. Precisely, it is located along the Spintex road adjacent to the Tema motorway.

Accra mall was commissioned in July 2008. Acrra mall is one of the most modern malls in West Africa and the first large-scale shopping centre in Ghana.

Accra mall trades from Monday to Saturday at 10:00am to 9:00pm also 12:00pm to 6:00pm for Sunday and Public Holidays.

Some of the jobs in the mall include the following:

Bar attendants, Waitress & waiters, secretary, securities, mall drivers, IT engineer, Air condition engineers, cleaners, chefs, Laundryman, accountants, painters, electrician, beauticians and others.

You can contact the mall through the address [email protected]. Also, there are several stores inside the mall and they include:


Accra Mall Store listing

Shop no. G46


Tel. 00302823020


Shop no. 1


Tel. 0302274000


Shop no.61-64



Shop no.65

Basilissa & Nominom

Tel. 0544577777054


Shop no. 68B

Le Must Family Restaurant

Tel. 0544577777


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Shop no. 33-35

Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn,

Tel. 0242339963


Shop no. 140

Burger King

Tel. 0503184324


Shop no. 29A

Cabo Corso

Tel. 0302790602


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Shop no. 32

Rose Joy

Tel. 0303973600


Shop no. 30-31

Enda Foods

Tel. 0268264363


Shop no. 51

Say Cheers

Tel. 0263019231


Shop no. 29B


Tel. 0302940290


Shop no. 69 & 70

Vidae Caffe

Tel. 0552804335


Shop no. 14


Tel. 0558271912


Shop no. 21


Tel. 0248148111


Shop no. 39

Banana Homes

Tel. 0553552976


Shop no. 55

Maydan Home Décor

Tel. 0245601277


Shop no. 57


Tel. 0540111934


Shop no. 42

Mr. Price

Tel. 0302823081


Shop no. 11


Tel. 0302823103


Shop no. 16

Nallem Clothing

Tel. 0302823047


Shop no. 19

Bata Shoes

Tel. 0307002283


Shop no. 48


Tel.  0548950997


Shop no. 44


Tel.  0247990228


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Shop no. 7


Tel. 0556611111


Shop no. 39


Tel. 0209687292


Shop no.56




Shop no. 40b


Tel. 0540699866


Shop no. 71


Tel. 0303969308


Shop no. 8


Tel. 0244436515


Shop no. 39A

Kiki Clothing

Tel. 0208174362


Shop no. 38

T.M Lewin

Tel. 0266884421


Shop no. 49


Tel. 0302900437


Shop no. 18

Liberty Shoes

Tel. 0302823051


Shop no.12


Tel. 0560060892


Shop no.37

M.V Accessories

Tel. 0205363004


Shop no.52


Tel. 0302823066


Shop no. 45


Tel. 0277337877


Shop no. 60A


Tel. 0243441442


Shop no. 73


Tel. 0266000485


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Shop no. L-03A


Tel. 0241002232


Shop no. 10


Tel. 0202009803


Shop no.02

Spendstre Foto Store

Tel. 0576034736


Shop no.5

Satguru Travels & Tours

Tel. 0556585163


Shop no.6

Yasore Forex Bureau

Tel. 0268264365


Shop no.5

Satguru Travels & Tours

Tel. 0556585163


Shop no.47

Body Basics

Tel. 0551099374


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Shop no.25-28

Life Health Care

Tel. 0302823064


Shop no.58


Tel. 0549762162


Shop no. 3

Eye Emporium

Tel. 0244046204


Shop no.9

Exotic Trendz

Tel. 0302823038


Shop no.43B

Hair Depot

Tel. 0269348433


Shop no.13

Electronics Hub

Tel. 0558202424


Shop no.60B

Galaxy Studio

Tel. 0545132831


Shop no. 15


Tel. 0558222220


Shop no.17

iStore (Sales)

Tel. 0544336856


Shop no.17

iStore (Service)


Shop no. FF1-FF2

Silverbird Cinemas

Tel. 0544310140



Shop no. 72 & 73


Tel. 0552881723


Shop no. 43A

MAC Cosmetics

Tel. 0303969232


Shop no. 41

Paris II

Tel. 0303932131


Shop no. 53-54


Tel. 0552772107


Shop no. 50


Tel. 0244331313


Shop no. 22


Tel. 0553747400


Shop no. 20

Sony Centre

Tel. 0302823051


Shop no.4


Tel. 0248599499


Shop no.23&24


Tel. 0302823012


Shop no. 75

Vulkano Games

Tel. 0501636938



Tel. 0303973212

Accra Mall Shops, Jobs, Opening Hours, Address And Contact Details 2
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