Accor Plasma Pen Before And After

By | July 18, 2022

More Details About Accor Plasma Pen. Not every person prefer to undergo surgery. All the same, most people want to lapse the indications of ageing.

Well, if that is the case, is there any alternative to keeping the skin fresh and vernal? There is a big yes to that question. Let’s analyze how effective Accor Plasma Pen can be.

In this post, you are going to discover more about:

  • ACCOR Plasma Pen
  • ACCOR Plasma Pen Before And After
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Details About ACCOR Plasma Pen 

What Is ACCOR Plasma Pen?

ACCOR Plasma Pen is dubbed “the newly anti-ageing substitute to surgery”. ACCOR LF+ means Aesthetic Cosmetic Corrector Plasma Pen.

It is a handheld machine (device) which give out (discharge) a small electrical (plasma) arc from the tip of the pen without getting into contact with the skin.

How Is The ACCOR Plasma Pen Treatment Done?

This plasma arc vaporises the skin (of no interest), rendering an instant tightening effect to the contexture skin.

The minute points turn scabs which diminish after 7-12 days post treatment and encourage collagen to that region, inveiling a fine-textured and close-fitting skin.

Prior to the process, a numbing cream is applied and a patch test will be rendered as a precaution. 

Benefits Of ACCOR Plasma Pen

In addition to rendering anti-ageing treatments for the face (which includes lifting eyes, jaws and wrinkles on the neck), this low frequency treatment can equally provide resolutions for tightening up other sections of the body. On the whole, rendering clients vernal, glowing skin.

The process has also demonstrated effective on skin pigmentation, skin tags, scars, small tattoo removal and stretch marks.

How Effective Is Plasma Pen?

Though this process aims at permanent results, it’s highly dependent on each individual, the number of treatments one may need and, the kind of results that one aims at. 

Some may need just one, but, the absolute effect will not be felt until 3 month following the first treatment. Others may need a farther one (1) or two (2) more treatments.

Side Effects Of ACCOR Plasma Pen

Is Plasma Pen Safe?

Many people have applauded the Plasma Pen treatment because:

  • It does not involve any surgery
  • It is gentle and, renders low-pain during the process
  • It is inexpensive as compared to surgery, botox and fillers
  • Non-invasive and safe 

Take note, you ought to consult a specialist before undertaking the Plasma Pen treatment.

This post is not a substitute to medical advice. I’m not a medical doctor or a specialist hence, treat this post as just a piece of information.

Accor Plasma Pen Before And After

See below how transformation looks like using ACCOR Plasma Pen. Accor Plasma Pen Before And After 1

Price Of ACCOR Plasma Pen

Estimated: £50.00 – £450.00

You may be updated with the price later. 


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