Workstation Desk Prices In Ghana. Full Details


In this post, I am going to bring you accurate workstation desk prices in Ghana and all the necessary information worth knowing about workstation desks. 

Before we get into the prices of workstation desks in Ghana, let’s first look at the types of workstation desks available on the market. 

Types Of Workstation Desk 

The office workstation desk is an important part of any employee’s job, and nowadays, thanks to technological advancements and ergonomic product availability, it makes one’s office more flexible and accessible in nature by providing a plethora of options that allow one to design a workstation based on one’s creative ideas, where everyone feels at ease and enjoys working.

Types of workstation Desks 

There are different categories and ranges of workstation desks available on the Ghanaian market that will give your office the rich new look you had always dreamt of. Below are the different workstation desks you can find on the market. 

  1. Linear workstation or Straight workstation
  2. Cluster workstations or L shaped workstations
  3. Single seater workstations
  4. Single pentagon workstation
  5. Four Seater back to back workstation
  6. Four Seater pentagon workstation
  7. Cubicle workstation
  8. Designer workstation
  9. U shaped workstation
  10. F2 screen systems
  11. F3 screen systems

Workstation Desk Prices In Ghana

Below are the various prices of workstation desks prices in Ghana.


Four In One Work Station – GHC 5,000.00

Two In One Workstation – GHC 3,400.00

6 In One Workstation – GHC 7,000.00

Workstation Single – GHC 2,700.00

Three Combined Linear Work Station – GHC 14,000.00

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4 In 1 Wooden Desk Station – GHC 4,500.00

Four Workstation Office Desk – GHC 3,800.00



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Where To Buy Workstation Desks In Ghana 

Visit the showroom of any of the furniture companies below and grab your workstation desks today.

  • Kingdom Furniture
  • Orca Deco
  • Dufie Deco Ventures 
  • Kings Group Furniture
  • Furniture City Ghana 
  • Blue Gallery Home and Office Furniture
  • Furnmat Ghana Limited
  • Simbin’s Furniture 

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