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In this article, I am going to give you the prices of window blinds in Ghana, as well as other necessary information worth knowing about window blinds.

We will start by looking at what window blinds are. Then we will turn our attention to different types of window blinds and their prices on the Ghanaian market.

A window blind is a form of window covering. There are many distinct types of window blinds, each with its own set of controls. A conventional window blind consists of multiple long horizontal or vertical slats of various hard materials, such as wood, plastic, or metal, held together by cords that pass between the slats.

Vertical blinds operate on a track system that allows them to tilt open and close as well as move sideways. Window blinds may be rotated from an open position with slats spaced apart to a closed position with slats overlapping and blocking out most of the light using either a manual or remote control.

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Shades are a sort of window treatment that uses a single piece of soft cloth instead of slats. Window blinds can also refer to a broader category of window coverings.

Window blinds include shutters, roller shades, cellular shades (also known as honeycomb shades), wood blinds, Roman shades, and standard vertical and horizontal blinds, as well as shutters, roller shades, cellular shades (also known as honeycomb shades), wood blinds, Roman shades, and standard vertical and horizontal blinds (also called Venetians).

Window blinds are often available in two styles: ready-made and made-to-measure. Blinds that are ready-made are cut to a certain width and drop to match the window, whereas blinds that are created to measure,  are cut to a specified width and drop to match the window. The availability and affordability of ready-made blinds are advantageous. Made-to-measure blinds are more expensive, but better match the size of a window.

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Window blinds are available in a range of styles, materials, colors, and patterns in addition to varied dimensions. The following is a list of some of the most prominent blind styles:

  • Panel
  • Pleated
  • Roller
  • Roman
  • Venetian
  • Vertical
  • Wooden


Window blinds can be pulled manually with a cord or automatically with motorization. Motorized blinds can be controlled via a wall switch or keypad, a remote control, or a computer, removing the need for wires and giving access to windows that would otherwise be inaccessible. Blind control is being integrated with central C-Bus solutions in a number of modern residences. This device is simple to operate and effective for managing the window blinds operations in order to reduce heating from the sun.

Window Blinds Prices in Ghana

The prices of window blinds in Ghana vary according to the brand, type, and quality of the window blinds.

We went through some renowned real stores and online shops in Ghana Below are the prices of various ranges and brands of window blinds on the Ghanaian market. You can visit any of these stores and get your window blinds today.

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Jiji Online

  1. Great Curtains and Blinds

Price: GH₵60.00

2. Zebra and Venetian Blinds

Price: GH₵60.00

3. First Class Window Blinds

Price: GH₵120.00

4. Fabric Blinds Curtains

Price: GH₵98.00

5. Super Exclusive Blinds

Price: GH₵120.00

Jumia Online

1. Turkish Window Blinds Curtains – Black – 180cm × 180cm

Price: GH₵ 270.00

2.Turkish Window Blinds Curtains – Brown – 120cm × 150cm

Price: GH₵160.00

3.Zebra Curtains Window Blinds – 180cm x 180cm – Grey

Price: GH₵280.00


GhLoozap Online

1. Affordable Zebra Window Blinds

Price: GH₵105.00

2. Supreme Window Blinds and Curtains

Price: GH₵115.00

3. Crystal Curtains Blinds Shades

Price: GH₵110.00

GhanaBuySell Online

  1. Zebra Window Blinds

Price: GH₵110.00

2. Classical Window Blinds

Price: GH₵55.00

3. Handcraft Blinds

Price: GH₵150.00


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