Thursday, June 8, 2023

Who is Madeline Kingsbury’s Husband?. June 2023

According to verified sources around the web, Madeline Kingsbury did not return home after she dropped off her children at a daycare with her husband.

Although not publicly made available, it is asserted that her husband is Adam Fravel.


Madeline Kingsbury, 26 is a married woman with two children and lives in Minnesota with her family. She went missing almost a week ago. Authorities have declared an official search and even placed a bounty on her.


Madeline Kingsbury Husband

According to sources around the web, most especially Reddit, she was officially married to her husband Adam Fravel before her sudden disappearance.

There is not much information about her husband online. However, we managed to get the name (Adam Fravel).

A thorough search is being carried out in Winona County and the vicinity of her residence by authorities and volunteers.

Her family has offered to give $50K cash to anyone who can provide accurate and timely information about the whereabouts of Madeline Kingsbury.

Her sister has also pledged a $50,000 ransom for anyone who will help the family see their family member.

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