Who Is Kay-Sölve Richter Married To?

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Kay-Sölve Richter Biography

Kay-Sölve Richter is a German journalist and television presenter who was born on December 28, 1974 in Gifhorn, Lower Saxony.

She grew raised in Detmold’s Diestelbruch area and graduated from the Detmold Christian-Dietrich-Grabbe-Gymnasium in 1994.

Richter began her media career as a volunteer at Radio Lippe, a local radio station where she had previously worked as a student.

Kay-Sölve Richter
Kay-Sölve Richter

She eventually went to Energy Hamburg and then to Radio Hamburg, a private broadcaster, where her radio voice became more well-known to a bigger audience. She also hosted shows on the WDR radio show 1Live.

Richter made the switch from radio to television in 2000. She began her career as a presenter on RTL Nord’s regional news magazine Guten Abend RTL. She has been delivering the news on the news channel n-tv, a subsidiary of RTL, since 2003, mainly around noon.

On weekends, she co-hosted the major news programme RTL aktuell on RTL with Peter Kloeppel.

Richter joined ZDF, a German public-service television station, in 2005. She took over as moderator of the ZDFwochen-journal, alternating with Susana Santina, after presenting the news part in the ZDF morning magazine.

Richter took over as the main moderator for the news programme heute in 2009, succeeding Annika de Buhr.

Richter worked as a co-moderator in the heute-journal alongside Gundula Gause and Heinz Wolf from 2010 to the end of 2021. She also co-hosted the afternoon programmes Today’s News and Today – in Germany with her colleague Ina Bergmann.

Kay-Sölve Richter
Kay-Sölve Richter

Richter periodically stood in for the heute news in the ZDF morning magazine and moderated the ZDF lunchtime magazine as well.

Richter pursued higher education while working as a journalist, studying history and political science at Hamburg. She earned a Diplom degree after successfully completing her studies in 2002.

Richter works as a media trainer while she is not on television. In 2006, she was nominated for a German Television Award in the category of “Best Presentation of an Information Show.”

Richter’s passion and talent as a journalist have earned her a place in the German media landscape.

Her considerable radio and television experience, together with her academic background, has turned her into a well-rounded journalist and television presenter.

Who Is Kay-Sölve Richter Married To?

Kay-Sölve Richter’s marital information is not known currently as there is no report or information to ascertain the husband or spouse of the German journalist and television presenter.

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