Who Is Jürgen Drews’ Daughter? Full Details

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Jürgen Drews is a German singer who was born on April 2 , 1945, in Nauen. It must be noted that the music career of Jürgen Drews started off with the Les Humphries Singers but he had his breakthrough with the song titled Les Humphries Singers as a pop singer.

Jürgen Drews was born to Wehrmacht doctor Werner Drews and his wife Lieselotte Buttlar. Jürgen Drews spent his youthful days in Schleswig and that’s where he made his first appearance as a musician on the stage of the Hotel Hohenzollern.

With respect to education, he attended and graduated from the  Schleswig Cathedral School  and subsequently enrolled at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel as a medical student. Unfortunately, he dropped school and decided to focus on music.

It must be noted that when Jürgen Drews was in Berlin, he had a nine-year relationship with Dagmar Hädrich, a model. He got married to Corinna Drews and they had a son. However, the marriage did not last as they divorced in 1985. Jürgen Drews married Ramona Middendorf in 1994 and they welcomed their daughter in 1995.

Some of the films that features Jürgen Drews include 1968: To hell with the timpanists, 1970: Wonderland of Love – the great German sex report, 1970: Completion of the love technique (music), 1971: The Naked Face of Pornography (Blue Movie) (music), 1971: Malastrana (La corta notte delle Bambole di Vetro), 1971: Siamo tutti in liberta provvisoria, 1972: The Syndicate (La polizia ringrazia), 1972: Wild Sex of Precocious Girls/From the Diary of a Precocious Girl (& Music), 1972: Dany – the hitchhiker (Dany la ravageuse) and 1972: The Pfaffenspiegel (Quando le donne si chiamavano ‘Madonne).

Others are 1972: The Night of the Flowers (La notte dei fiori), 1974: Les Humphries: There’s a Bang – and the Angels Are Singing, 1974: L’appel, 1977: Let’s Play Love (music), 1981: A cactus is not a lollipop, 1997: Ballermann 6, among others. He has also made appearances in several shows and has won so many awards.

Some of these awards include Bravo Otto(1976: “Silver” in the “Singer” category,1977: “Silver” in the “Singer” category,1978: “Silver” in the “Singer” category ), Golden Europe(1976, 1978, 1979) and smago! Award(2011: for “Preliminary Life’s Work”, 2013: for “Most successful hit single of the year by a singer (Cornflowers) / Best chart position of his life in the German album charts (Cornflowers) ”,2017: “smago! Thank you Award” (for “The obstetrician of the smago! Award”),2018: “It was all the best Award” for “over 3 hours of pure power – at the highest musical level” and 2021: “Most successful album of his career” (The ultimate anniversary best-of).

Who Is Jürgen Drews’ Daughter?

Joelina Drews is the daughter of Jürgen Drews. She was born on September 27, 1995, and she is currently 28 years old. She is a musician and her mother is Ramona Drews.

Joelina Drews got the passion for music from her father and she began her music career right after school.

She released the “Trendsetter” in 2010 when she was 14 years old. Her single made it into the top 40 of the US Billboard Charts and the top 20 of the American dance charts.

Joelina Drews had the opportunity to perform for the first time at the Berlin Press Ball in the Ullstein Hall in the Axel Springer House.

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