Who is Gianna Nannini Married to? Full details

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Gianna Nannini, who was born in Siena, Italy, on June 14, 1954, is a multi-decade career force in addition to a singer and composer. Nannini, who is well-known for her strong voice and captivating stage presence, has made a lasting impression on both the Italian and global music scenes.

Early Life and Education

She was raised in a milieu where rhythm and speed coexisted in Siena as the older sister of former Formula One driver Alessandro Nannini. Gianna’s real interest was music, even with this racing link.

Nannini refined her musical abilities by studying composition and piano in Milan in the late 1970s. She was always interested in learning new things, and in 1994 she graduated from the University of Siena with a degree in philosophy. Her later thought-provoking poems will reflect this depth of understanding.


Nannini first became involved in activism in 1995 when she took part in a demonstration outside the French embassy in Rome that was led by Greenpeace. The plan to undertake nuclear tests at Mururoa by the French government sparked the opposition. This early example of social consciousness painting suggested that the artist would like to utilize her position to advocate for causes close to her heart.

The song “America” and the album “California,” which became popular throughout Europe in 1979, launched her music career. But it was Conny Plank’s production of her 1984 album “Puzzle” that launched her to global renown. Thanks to the help of a music video made by the renowned Michelangelo Antonioni, the track “Fotoromanza” became a huge smash.

Nannini turned to a more rock-oriented style in the middle of the 1980s, working with producer and composer Jim Steinman. As a result, in 1986, the legendary song “Bello e impossibile” was released and became successful in Italy, Germany, Austria, etc. In 1987, she achieved even more success as a musician when her compilation CD “Maschi e Altri” sold in excess of a million copies.

As time went on, Nannini kept experimenting with new sounds and working with different musicians. The reworkings of her best-known songs from her 2004 album “Perle” demonstrated her capacity to innovate musically. With the popular track “Sei nell’anima,” “Grazie” peaked at the top of the Italian charts in 2006.

In the twenty-first century, Gianna Nannini’s career remained active. “Pia come la canto io,” her 2007 album, included a set of songs arranged by Wil Malone for a rock opera that drew inspiration from the medieval Tuscan figure Pia de’ Tolomei.

Who is Gianna Nannini married to?

There is no information about Gianna Nannini marital status. However, she announced her pregnancy in August 2010 but she did not disclose the name of the father.




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